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2 Old School Pool Games to Teach Your Kids

2 Old School Pool Games


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Summer is coming to an end soon, and you need to make the most of it! You only get a few months a year to use your pool. If you’re getting bored with the same old things, check out these 2 old school pool games to teach your kids.

A True Classic: Marco Polo

If you haven’t played Marco Polo with your kids yet, now is the perfect time. Marco Polo is a simple game that children of all ages can understand. There are different variations on the game, but the concept is typically the same. One player is chosen to be “it” — just like when you play tag. That person closes their eyes and counts to 10 while all of the other players go as far away as possible. Once they count to 10, they yell “Marco” and everyone else responds “Polo”. Whoever is “it” tries to find the others by following the sounds of their voices. If they tag someone, that person becomes “it”, and the game starts over.

This game is easy to have house rules, as well. For example, a pretty basic rule is you can’t get out of the pool. But, maybe in your pool, you just have to have one body part in the water at all times. You can change it up as you and your family like, and as everyone gets older.

Scary Sharks and Mellow Minnows

Sharks and minnows is another classic pool game with many variations. Like Marco Polo, one person is chosen as the shark and everyone else is minnows. The shark starts outside of the water and/or at the other end of the pool. The minnows stay at one end of the pool with at least one hand on the wall. 

Once the game starts, the minnows have to try to make it to the other end of the pool without being caught by the shark. The shark can turn around and look if they think a minnow is swimming, but if they’re wrong, they have to take a step further away from the pool to make it more difficult. If the shark sees a minnow swimming, they have to jump in and catch the minnow before they make it to the other end. Once a minnow is caught, they become the shark and the game starts over. 

Like Marco Polo, you can add variations to this game as your family likes. A favorite variation is “Categories”, where the shark picks a category, like colors or restaurants. Each minnow mentally picks something that fits that category. The shark calls out different options, and if the minnow hears theirs, they have to swim. Sure, this is all on the honor system, but it makes things a little less quiet!

Play Some Pool Games

If you want to try out these 2 old school pool games to teach your kids, you’re going to need a pool. Head on over to Mastercraft Pool & Spa! We can help you plan the perfect pool for you and your family.


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