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3 Details to Consider When Customizing Your Pool

A pool with a spa, one of the 3 details to consider when customizing your pool


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Investing in a swimming pool is a large decision. This decision becomes even greater when you have the great option of customizing your swimming pool. You will be enjoying your swimming pool for decades to come, and even though pool renovation is a great option, it’s often easiest to make all of the customizations at the beginning. So, when you’re getting ready to make the big purchase, keep these 3 details to consider when customizing your pool in mind.

What Type of Pool Do You Want?

There are different types of swimming pools, and all of them are great. You just have to pick which is the best for you! At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we offer three options: custom shotcrete, fiberglass, and Nespa tiled pools.

Custom shotcrete pools are your classic swimming pools. Despite the name, your pool won’t look like a parking lot. Shotcrete is just the foundation, and you get to choose the shape and finish. If you’re looking for your maximum customization options, custom shotcrete is the way to go.

Fiberglass pools bring a smooth, luxurious finish to your swimming pool. These are a great option if having too many options stresses you out. With a fiberglass pool, you still get to pick a shape, but you have a limited amount of options, making the decision a little easier.

If you’re looking to add a spa to your pool, Nespa tiled pools may be the choice for you. Nespa tiled pools bring luxury to your backyard that can only come from a custom-tiled pool.

What Type of Cover is Best?

When you’re not using your pool, you will want to keep a pool cover on it. This not only protects you and your loved ones from accidents, it also keeps debris from falling into your pool. However, you have more options than just the standard pool cover. If you don’t want to manually uncover your pool every time, consider a Coverstar® automatic pool cover. Or, if you’re looking for maximum protection (especially in the off season), a CoverLogix® winter cover may be the right fit for you.

What Features Do You Want?

Pool features and equipment may be the hardest decision when it comes to customizing your pool. Do you want some water features? What about underwater lighting? Maybe a slide for the kiddos? At Mastercraft Pool and Spa, we have it all, even Aqua Creek ADA-compliant lifts.

While pool features and equipment are easier to add after your pool installation than other details, it’s still something you should consider in your initial design. This will help you get a more realistic idea of what your pool may look like, and what kind of financing you may need.

Start Customizing Your Pool Today

While you’re pondering these 3 details to consider when customizing your pool, choose Mastercraft Pool & Spa as your pool builder. We are the premiere pool builder in Pocatello and can help you design the perfect pool for your backyard. Contact us today to get started.


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