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3 Essential Pool Accessories for the Commercial Pool

A commercial swimming pool has blue water and depth markers at four and a half feet and pool accessories.


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Your commercial pool needs to win the hearts of every kind of person you serve. So, naturally, you need to consider all the different types of pool accessories that may serve your swimmers well. 

So, what are the best options in terms of accessories for your commercial swimming pool? Let’s take a look at some of your must haves and the top 3 essential pool accessories for commercial pools. 

Diving Boards for the Thrill Seekers

One of the most attractive pieces of pool accessories that you can add to your Idaho commercial swimming pool is a diving board. Thrill seekers and show-offs alike will love the addition of one or more diving boards to your commercial pool, and you’ll have an added draw beyond the joy of floating and splashing. 

Diving boards are loved by kids and adults alike, so you’ll be able to meet the thrill-seeking needs of a large number of people in your area. And our team at Mastercraft Pool & Spa in Pocatello, Idaho offers several different options with a variety of different treads, sizes, and designs from S.R.Smith™ manufacturers. 

The truth is that diving boards make your commercial pool more fun and better, so be sure to add at least one (maybe more!) to your commercial pool. 

Commercial Pool Accessibility for Everyone

Our next must-have for your commercial pool is an Aqua Creek® ADA handicap lift. Nearly everyone loves a swim in the pool and that includes our friends who may need some assistance getting in and out. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to provide all the accessibility your swimmers need with a handicap accessible lift that would allow everyone to swim whenever they’d like? Mastercraft Pool & Spa offers lifts from the Aqua Creek ® manufacturers. We’re both dedicated to the safety and accessibility of your Idaho swimmers, and an ADA handicap lift is the perfect addition to your commercial pool. 

Platforms and Starting Blocks for Serious Swimmers

And finally, if your Idaho commercial pool has a population of competitive swimmers (or perhaps your commercial pool is dedicated to competitive swimming) then platforms and starting blocks are an absolute necessity for the function of your commercial pool. 

Competitive swimming is a popular pastime, and as a commercial pool manager, you have the opportunity to provide the perfect environment for your more competitive swimmers to thrive. 

You should also consider the potential and possibilities for hosting competitions and swim meets with the addition of platforms and starting blocks to your pool. Mastercraft Pool & Spa has once again partnered with S.R.Smith™ manufacturers to offer the most solid platforms and starter blocks for your commercial pool. 

Each regulation-standard platform or block is specifically designed to meet the requirements of competitive swimming competitions. And this pool equipment is also customizable. You can choose from a team logo and different finishes to achieve exactly what you want for your pool. If you’re at all interested in bringing competitive swimming to your pool, Mastercraft Pool & Spa can make it happen.

Pool Accessories from Pocatello, Idaho 

Whatever your commercial pool accessories needs are, Mastercraft Pool & Spa can make it happen. From diving boards to starting blocks to furniture and ladders, we’ve got the options you need to fully outfit your commercial swimming pool including the experience to build that pool from the ground up.

So give our team a call and get the commercial pool accessories you need today. 


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