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3 Swim Safety Tips to Share with Young Swimmers

Three young swimmers float in multi-colored inner tubes and smile as they practice swim safety tips.


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Swim safety is necessary for a fun and happy summer. You can’t have fun without a few rules to make sure that everyone is safe. Make sure you talk to your young swimmers (and old ones, too!) about how important it is to be safe while you swim. That way you can continue to have fun for years to come.

It’s wise to seriously teach all your swimmers the importance of swim safety at the beginning of every swim season. Then you should remind them of the rules before every swim. So, what are some of the most important safety tips? Here are three swim safety tips to share with young swimmers. 

Always Swim With A Buddy

One of the most important safety tips for swimming is to always swim with a buddy. Swimming alone can be very dangerous as there’s no one to offer assistance should you need it. Children should always have a responsible adult supervising their swimming. Kids should never swim alone, and it’s important that they know this fact and the reasons why. 

Make it fun. Encourage your young swimmers to find good swimming buddies. If you’re the adult who is always supervising swimming, make it fun for yourself as well. Find games that you enjoy playing with the kids, bring snacks and drinks to stay hydrated, and enjoy the benefits you get from basking in the sun. Just always ensure that your swimmers are supervised. 

You’ll also want to make sure that the designated supervisor is not distracted. Seconds matter in swim safety, so try to stay focused on your swimmers and keep distractions away. 

Have Appropriate Safety Wear On Hand

Another good swim safety tip is to have appropriate safety swimwear on hand like coast-guard approved life jackets. Never take it lightly if a child or adult cannot swim. Make sure that person has the appropriate safety gear to get in the water. 

Novelties like swim floaties, inner tubes, or pool noodles are not appropriate for non-swimmers. Kids who are still learning to swim need to have approved life jackets when they are not actively being attended by a good adult swimmer who is teaching them to swim. 

As a pool owner, it’s not a bad idea to go a step further and own various life jackets in different sizes for potential pool guests. You can acquire these things over time, and you’ll never be sorry that you required a guest to wear appropriate life jackets while swimming at your pool. 

Keep Play And Games Safe

And finally, keep the play gentle and appropriate. If you have very young swimmers, you’ll want to avoid rough games. When the play becomes too rough, that’s when accidents are more likely to happen, so it’s good to encourage swimmers to be aware and appropriate with their play.

You don’t have to be the fun police, but you should stop any rough housing sooner rather than later to avoid injury. 

So, now that you have some basic safety tips to share with your young swimmer, you just need your very own pool. Our dedicated team at Mastercraft Pool and Spa is ready to build the pool you’ve always wanted no matter how big or small it may be. Give our team a call to get started on your very own pool build today! 


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