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3 Tips for Wildlife Pool Safety


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You’ve built your dream pool, and it’s so enticing that even your local wildlife feels the need to take a dip every now and then. While you’re all about supporting your animal friends, that doesn’t mean you want them in your pool. In fact, being stuck in a swimming pool can be dangerous for your backyard critters. Here are some helpful tips for wildlife pool safety you can use. Protect yourself and whatever else comes along for a visit in your backyard. 

Pool Precautions

If you’re still in the construction process, think about adding some shallow ledges to your design. This allows smaller animals a chance to escape if they accidentally find themselves in the water. Building a fence can deter larger animals like deer from stopping to take a drink and accidentally stumbling in. You can also tie a knotted rope for climbing animals like raccoons to escape safely.

Action Plan 

So, you’re heading out for a swim and you find a new addition to your swimming pool and desperately want it gone. What do you do? If it’s small like a frog or bird, simply scoop them out gently with your skimmer. If it’s a larger animal, like a raccoon or opossum, you can use a partially deflated float as a raft to help them out. Always use caution with wild animals, and if you feel unsafe removing a critter, call your local wildlife rescue to come help.

Alternative Options

If unwanted inhabitants keep stopping by for a dip, you may want to consider creating a pool area of their own. Design a pond that can provide shelter and safe drinking water for your backyard guests. The easier the access, the more likely they are to choose it over your swimming pool. And as an added bonus, you’ll create a beautiful focal point to enjoy while poolside. 

If you’re worried about wildlife pool safety, ask our pool professionals at Mastercraft about adding preventative measures to your project build. Contact us today to learn more about custom design options. You can make your pool and property wildlife safe.


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