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4 Midsummer Pool Care Tips

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Pool care is a year-round affair. And you especially want to make sure that you care well for your pool during the most important season of the year, the summer swim season! So, what are some ways you can care for your pool well during the height of summer? We’ve got some suggestions to keep your water pristine, clean, and sparkling throughout your swim season. Here are four midsummer pool care tips.

Maintain Your Pool’s Chemical Balance

The most important pool care tip to maintain beautifully clear and sparkling water through the summer is to properly check and maintain your pool’s chemical balance. The process is not terribly complicated, but it takes dedication and consistency.

A home test kit is a great option to check your chemical balance at home, or you can always collect a water sample and bring it into our expert team at Mastercraft Pool & Spa. We’ll be able to offer you suggestions on what steps to take next in order to get your pool optimally balanced.

If you maintain the proper chemical ratios regularly (we’d recommend checking your levels two to three times a week), then your pool is going to stay clear and clean no matter how many Idaho storms blow through or swimmers dive in.

Skim And Vacuum Out The Extras

Your pool’s filtration system does a great job at capturing a lot of debris through its skimmer basket and filtration system, but there are inevitably some floating materials left in your water. Those little floaters can encourage algae growth, so it’s best to remove them as often as you can, ideally daily.

If you have kids, you can put them to work on skimming out leaves, bugs, and sticks. Making it a fun game or challenge to see who can scoop the most can lead to more fun for everyone.

Our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team also offers the best Pentair® pool cleaners to make sure your pool is the cleanest it can be. From robotic and side-suction cleaners to vacuum options, we’ve got the perfect pool cleaner to keep your pool care simple this summer.

Repair Any Leaks Or Equipment

Another great pool care tip for our Pocatello, Idaho summer is to make any repairs sooner rather than later. Monitoring your pool’s water levels can give you a hint as to whether you have a leak or crack. So, paying close attention to your pool’s water level throughout the summer is wise.

Some evaporation is normal, but more than about a quarter of an inch a day is not. If you notice more evaporation than normal, call our Mastercraft Pool & Spa service team. We’ve got specially trained, on-staff scuba technicians who can find your leak while you keep swimming.

Fixing those problems like leaks or failing equipment sooner rather than later will keep you swimming longer through the summer. It can be tempting to wait or ignore problems, but that’s more likely to put your pool out of commission for longer.

Work With The Best Pocatello, Idaho Pool Care Team

And our final tip is to make sure you’re working with the best pool care team in all of Idaho, and that’s our Master Craft Pool & Spa team. If the thought of maintaining your own pool through the summer months is intimidating or just too much, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call to schedule regular service and maintenance from our highly qualified team of professionals.

We’ll make sure that all of your pool care needs are met through swim season (and beyond), so you can be sure that your pool is always swim ready. Contact our team today to schedule service or to get started on that pool build.


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