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4 reasons you need a pool heater now!


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Swimming pools in-and-of-themselves are a wonderful investment — full of fun and entertainment. Don’t let cold pool water put you sadly on the swimming sidelines. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your swimming pool even better, here are 3 reasons a pool heater is for you!

You could be making a profit with a pool heater.

If your home is a rental property, whether seasonal or all-year-round, adding a heater to your pool is an eye-catching feature to renters. This is especially true during spring, fall, and winter. Not only will it make your property more enticing to renters, you’ll be able to charge a bit more. The heater will eventually pay for itself, and then everything else on top is profit. 

A pool heater can extend your pool season.

Who doesn’t love swimming in the summer? What if you could keep that fun going even longer? With a heater installed in your pool, you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing autumn afternoons and maybe even some nights under the stars when spring comes. A heater is a must-have for any pool lover.

Bring your family closer together.

It’s hard to say “no” to a pool full of warm water — especially in the winter. Get all your winter-weather, Grumpy Gusses together, and spend some quality time in your swimming pool. Can you imagine going for a swim on Christmas Day in an 80 degree pool? Amazing!

Keep it moving! 

It’s easy to find excuses to not exercise, especially if you’re in pain. When you install a pool heater, the warmer water will help you move easier. You’ll also create a therapeutic experience that relieves pain and stiffness, increasing your flexibility and endurance.

Does your current pool need a bit of an upgrade? Mastercraft Pool & Spa can help. Let us remodel your current pool, or create a custom installation to meet all of your aquatic needs, both residential and commercial. Contact us today!


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