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4 Supplies You Need to Care for Your Hot Tub

The jets of a hot tub shoot a clear stream across the surface of the tumbling, bubbling water that shows what it looks like when you care for your hot tub.


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In order to care for your hot tub well, you’ll need to make sure that you have the necessary supplies on hand. Luckily, you’ve got the best local supplier of all things pools and spas in the Pocatello, Idaho area with Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Here’s the rundown on the top supplies you’ll need to care for your hot tub well. 

1. Chemical Test Strips

One of the handiest things to have on hand whether you’re a brand new spa owner or a seasoned veteran is a pack of chemical test strips. 

For those moments when you’re simply making sure everything is well balanced, or you’re just not able to get into the store to have your water tested, these test strips can go a long way to helping you maintain the chemical balance in your hot tub. And one of the most important things you can do when you care for your hot tub is to maintain the proper chemical balance. 

2. Hot Tub Cleaning Supplies

Next on our list of supplies, you’ll need to properly care for your hot tub would be physical cleaning supplies. We’re not talking about your sanitizers and chemicals (yet), we’re talking about the tools that would be handy when it comes to hot tub care. 

We’d recommend having a small, hand-held scrub brush around to scrub away any residue that might build up around your water line. We would also recommend a small skimmer net to catch any debris that happens to fall in. 

Ideally, you wouldn’t need these things often with the proper use of a hot tub cover, but build-up and debris are gonna happen. That’s just life. So make sure you’re ready.

3. Hot Tub Chemicals

Moving on, if you’re going to care for your hot tub well, you need to have a supply of hot tub chemicals on hand. Our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team carries a variety of different products to serve virtually every issue that might arise as you care for your hot tub. 

We trust our clients with the SpaGuard® line of hot tub chemicals, and you can easily stock up at our showroom or via our online store

Some of the supplies we recommend you have on hand include the SpaGuard BioGuard line of chlorinating concentrate or brominating concentrate depending on which sanitizer you’ve decided to go with. We also highly recommend keeping the SpaGuard Enhanced Shock on hand as well. 

These basic chemicals will help you to more easily maintain your hot tub’s chemical balance at a moment’s notice. And when you’re ready to soak in your hot tub or invite guests over, it’s best to be able to make sure your hot tub is ready to go without the extra hassle of leaving home. 

4. Extra Hot Tub Supplies

And finally, we want to give you a few extra options for supplies that help you to better care for your hot tub. We’re talking about your different filter options and extra chemical options that can enhance the comfort of your hot tub.

To start with filters, you can upgrade your filter depending on your need if you have a hot tub from our Marquis® line. You can choose from a variety of options including an anti-microbial filter for that extra peace of mind, so be sure to check out those options. 

And then we also offer additional chemical options like antifoam and natural spa enzymes that can help with build-up and residue in your spa. 

Care for your Hot Tub with Mastercraft Pool & Spa

No matter what your supply closet looks like today, our well-trained staff at Mastercraft Pool & Spa are ready to help you find what you need to care for your hot tub all season long. Be sure to stock up on all the chemicals and hot tub supplies you need, so you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying your Pocatello, Idaho hot tub. Stop by and we’ll help you get stocked up on everything you need.


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