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4 Things You Need to Prep for Closing Your Pool

A beautiful, fiberglass pool sits nestled in a backyard full of evergreen trees with a small pool house across the pool. Closing your pool takes some planning.


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Closing your pool in Idaho is an absolute necessity. Unless you’re brand new to the Pocatello, Idaho area (if so, welcome!) then you know just how intense our winters can be which is why properly closing your pool is so important. But don’t worry! Our team here at Mastercraft Pool & Spa have it down to an art. So, let’s talk about just what you’ll need to prepare for closing your pool. 

1. A Clean Pool

As summer draws to a close, one of the best things you can do for your pool is to leave it in pristine shape before you cover and close it for the season. There are a couple of reasons to do just that. 

For one thing, the cleaner your pool is when you cover and close it, the fewer bacteria, germs, or algae there are to take root and multiply while you’re not actively cleaning it. And another reason is that you’ll have that much more of a head start when you reopen next summer. 

You’ll want to brush your pool surfaces, clean your filters and skimmers, and ensure that your pool equipment is properly drained and winterized. From there, you’ll want to look at your pool’s chemical balance.

2. A Well-Balanced Pool

Closing your pool doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated endeavor. You just need to be prepared. And another way to be prepared for closing your pool is to make sure your chemical balance is optimal. For the same reasons that you want your pool to be scrubbed, you want your chemicals to be properly balanced, too. 

Anything you can do to prevent algae and bacterial growth during the closed season is going to set you up for optimal success when you get to reopen your pool in the summer. 

3. An Excellent Pool Cover

Once you’ve tackled the physical cleaning of your pool, you’ll want an excellent pool cover when closing your pool. Mastercraft Pool & Spa offers two amazing pool cover options depending on what exactly you need. 

You can choose between Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers or CoverLogix® Winter Covers. Both afford excellent coverage for your pool through the winter months and are safety rated to help keep you and your family safe. 

Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers offer the ease and convenience of automatically covering your pool with only the press of a button. 

CoverLogix pool covers are designed to fit the design of your pool perfectly. And to keep it safely covered all winter long. 

Whatever pool cover fits your budget and needs, our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team can get you set up with exactly what you need to close your pool for the season. 

4. An Expert Team for Closing Your Pool (so you don’t have to)

And finally on our list of things you need to prep for closing your pool, is an expert team that can actually do all the work for you. So, really this is a bonus, and you don’t actually need us to close your pool, but it sure does take the guesswork out of the whole process. 

Our team is fully equipped and experienced to close down your pool for the season and to do so with excellent results. We begin the process of closing down our clients’ pools in mid-September, and we’re typically done just in time for Halloween. So, with our Mastercraft Team, you can focus on more important things while we handle the heavy lifting for your pool closure. 

So, it’s officially time to start preparing for closing your pool. Our Idaho summer is sadly coming to a close, so you definitely want to make sure you’re in the best position to open your pool quickly and with as little hassle as possible next summer. That way you can optimize your swim time! Start your prep now, or give our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team a call to get on the schedule today!


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