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4 Tips to Plan for Your Idaho Pool


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So, the decision has been made. You’re buying a pool! Just like other major purchases you’ve made, there are things to consider before you finalize your pool deal. It will serve you well to research pools and read through the ton of information out there. To begin your pool research, here are four tips to plan for your Idaho pool.

1. Ask Yourself Why You Want a Pool

A pool sounds like a superb addition to your property, but really ask yourself why you want to install one. What’s motivating you to own a pool? Is it to unite family or friends in summer fun? To spend time relaxing, one-on-one, with your significant other? Or, is it to add value to your property? The why is a good place to start since it can lead to the perfect type of pool for you. 

2. What’s Your Perfect Pool Made Of?

You’ve pinpointed the why down. Now, you can choose what type of pool will suit it. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools are most likely the types of pools you’ve heard of. Mastercraft Pool & Spa carries fiberglass pools made by Viking Pools®. They offer the highest quality of fiberglass construction and superior features. If your mind is made up on purchasing a totally customizable pool, Mastercraft Pool & Spa will build your custom shotcrete pool to the specifications you desire. If your yard is limited on space or is an irregular shape, no worries. The possibilities are endless with a custom shotcrete pool. 

3. Plan Ahead to Accessorize

In addition to choosing the type of pool, you should also determine what features you’ll want to include in your pool build. This is one area that should be well thought out since retrofitting, if it can be done, may be costly. Plan for what you want. There are many spectacular features that can set your pool apart from the rest. Possibilities include relaxing waterfalls, lighting for ambiance, thrilling water slides, resort-style tanning ledges, to the ultimate pool feature, an adjacent spa. Also, don’t forget features and accessories that will help with the upkeep and longevity of your pool such as an automatic pool cover and a Maytronics Dolphin Active robotic pool cleaner.

4. Don’t Forget About the Cost

Nothing says you planned your pool purchase out more than a budget. Be wise with your pool investment. Yes, it is an investment. Pools not only add fun to your summer, they can also add value to your property. You should make sure you’re getting everything you want in a pool and that you’re getting a pool worth every penny spent. And of course, you need to know where the funds for your pool purchase will come from. Mastercraft Pool & Spa partners with HFS Financial, a leader in providing swimming pool loans. You can see if you qualify by using the secure HFS Financial online tool. The loan process is hassle-free and there’s no obligation.

When it comes to buying a pool, there’s nothing more appropriate than having a well-thought-out plan. Use these four tips to plan for your Idaho pool and also explore the multitude of pool information out there. Discover all of your options before finalizing your pool purchase. And, don’t forget to ask questions. As your local pool builder, Mastercraft Pool & Spa looks forward to assisting you with your pool purchase. Call today to discuss bringing your design to life with Mastercraft’s 3D pool renderings.


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