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5 Expert Pool Opening Tips

An inviting swimming pool newly opened for spring by Mastercraft Pool & Spa.


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All through the long winter you sat, staring out the window. Longingly you sighed as the cold days passed. Head in your hand, you wistfully pondered the essential question: “WHEN can I open the pool for swim season?” All of a sudden, spring is here! Winter has retreated. The time has almost come! So, let’s get to it! Sunscreen your nose and open that pool up in the next few months. Start with a plan and with your chemicals and supplies from Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Add in these 5 expert pool opening tips and you’ll be splashing the summer away in no time!

Pool Opening Tips: Clear Water and Debris from the Pool Cover

To begin with, our first tip is to remove any debris or rainwater that has settled on top of your pool cover before removing it. This makes it easier to remove the cover. It also keeps the debris from falling into the pool and adding more work to your pool opening. You can remove water and debris from your pool cover with a broom or brush and a water removal pump. Make sure you check the cover for damage, let it dry, and then carefully store it for future use.

Reconnect, Remove, and Replace to Reassemble

Our second tip is to use special care to reassemble your pool back to service if you made adjustments before winter set in. Reconnect all the pool equipment, accessories, and hardware that have been hibernating all winter. Then, remove any winterizing plugs in use for winter protection. Replace these with your regular drain plugs, and then replace any lost water so the pool is full again.

Measure, Balance, and Shock to Bring Your Water Back to Life

Third, bring your pool water back to optimal swimming condition. Measure your water chemistry and balance the water accordingly. You can adjust your alkalinity and pH first, then adjust calcium or any other chemical that is out of balance.

After brushing pool walls and removing any remaining debris, shock your pool with BioGuard Smart Shock® from Mastercraft to kill bacteria, oxidize, buffer, and clarify your water. Lastly, add algaecide to protect your pool all year.

Let Mastercraft Do It For You

Moreover, our fourth tip is not to do any work to open your pool for spring at all. Instead, let Mastercraft Pool & Spa open your pool for you! We make getting your pool ready for the season painless and hassle-free. We do the work for you so you can focus on something more pressing, like picking the perfect poolside reading material. Schedule your spring pool opening with Mastercraft today. We’ll take it from here.

The Most Important Tip of All Pool Opening Tips

Finally, the fifth and most important pool opening tip we can offer you is to GET EXCITED! Swim season is almost here! Dust off your lemonade recipe. Dig the swimsuits out of storage. Blow up your favorite pool floaties. It’s going to be a great summer. 

Mastercraft Pool & Spa is your premier pool and spa source in Pocatello. Let us get you summer ready with our array of professional-grade products and services.


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