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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Inground Pool for Your Family

A pristine inground pool is surrounded by lush greenery.


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Are you diving into the crystal clear waters of pool ownership? Welcome to the club! Owning a pool of your own is one of life’s most rewarding luxuries. As you look to decide which inground pool is right for your needs, our team of pool professionals at Mastercraft Pool & Spa is eager to help. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best inground pool for your family.

The Perfect Pool Size for Your Swim Space

First, unless you are building your home and installing your inground pool at the same time, it is likely you are creating your pool dreams in a limited, already existent space. Your available pool area and landscape limitations are primary considerations in your pool planning. For instance, if your backyard is the shape of a peanut, a premade rectangular pool might not fit.

Fiberglass pools come in precast shapes that can’t be customized. However, there are a veritable plethora of possible fiberglass pool shapes and sizes, so the likelihood of finding one that will fit in your backyard is extremely high. With your backyard specifications, our pool experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa can help you find the best fiberglass inground pool for the patio you’re working with.

On the other hand, concrete pools offer unlimited customization options. They can be built to fit in any number of shapes and sizes. Your small backyard may be hard to pair with a precast pool. But with a concrete pool you’ll be diving into your custom pool in no time. Likewise, if you want an Olympic-size swimming pool stretching over your backyard grounds, a concrete pool can be made as large as you want. Pool party time at your place!

High quality and durable shotcrete is poured into place by construction professionals.

Prioritize Construction Durability When Choosing the Best Inground Pool

Along with size requirements, the durability of your inground pool choice is an essential priority. There are multiple types of pools that can be constructed in a myriad of ways. As you decide between pool materials like fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl, the best inground pool is the one that will thrive and endure with your family for years to come. 

In terms of inground pool durability, fiberglass and concrete pools are notably superior to pools with vinyl liners. In fact, the durability disparity is such that you can expect a fiberglass or concrete pool to outlast its vinyl counterparts by DECADES! Applying these quality filters to your inground pool search can save you money and headaches in the long run.
Furthermore, it is important to know that not all concrete pools are the same in terms of quality and durability, either. For example, form-and-pour concrete pools are lower quality and require more maintenance over time than shotcrete and gunite concrete pools. Contrarily, custom shotcrete pools like we build at Mastercraft Pool & Spa are long lasting and durable.

Custom rock features and landscaping surround a sparkling concrete pool.

What About Inground Pool Customization and Landscaping?

Now that you have prioritized important considerations like size and durability, it’s time to dream big as you plan your inground pool’s customized features and landscaping. Between added features and landscaping, whichever pool you choose can become your swim season vision.

While fiberglass pools can’t be customized, the pool area around them can be built to your heart’s desire. Mastercraft Pool & Spa can add water and landscaping features to turn your fiberglass pool into a tropical paradise. You can even add a slide and give the kids their own personal water park. The area around a fiberglass pool can also be customized with tile, wood decking, or other patio architecture.

When you choose a custom shotcrete pool, your customization options are infinite. Choose from many gorgeous tile and plaster options to give your concrete pool the finish you like best. Then, create your pool in whatever form or fantasy you can imagine! If you want your pool to sit in the shadow of a trickling waterfall, a custom shotcrete pool can make that happen. A concrete pool can be designed to emulate a secret cave or even lava hot springs

Whichever type of inground pool you decide on can be brought to life with the right landscaping. Bring in lush greenery to give your pool area a feeling of nature. Use colorful stone and other rich textures to turn your patio into a luxe spa. Have fun with your choices, and your backyard can become your favorite place on earth.

A fiberglass pool is lowered from the sky on a crane for installation.

Consider Your Construction Timeline

Next, depending on your expectations and when you would like to be able to host your first pool party, you might also consider your pool construction timeline when choosing the best inground pool for your family. All inground pool installations require construction permits from the appropriate municipality offices. Depending on your area and the time of year, the permit process can take a couple weeks to a few months. 

After you have secured the necessary permits, your inground pool choices will determine the length of your construction timeline from that point. Fiberglass pool installations typically take one to two weeks before they are ready for their first cannon ball. Comparatively, shotcrete and gunite concrete pool installations tend to last between eight to twelve weeks from start to finish. 

So, if you need your swim time pronto, a fiberglass inground pool with its abbreviated construction timeline might be more appealing. But if you are able to plan ahead or prefer a concrete pool for its other benefits and features, your custom shotcrete pool can still be ready in time for swim seasons for decades to come. On another note, keep in mind that weather delays can further affect these timelines as well.

The Mastercraft Pool & Spa family stands in front of our store ready to help you choose the best inground pool for your family.

Let Our Family Help You Choose the Best Inground Pool for Your Family

Finally, as you look to make your choice of the best inground pool in Pocatello, let us help. With over 35 years of operation as a family-owned business, Mastercraft Pool & Spa has the expertise to pair your family with the perfect inground pool for you. We can answer all your questions and help you design the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted. Contact us or stop by to see all that’s possible to make your pool dreams come true this year!


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