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6 Gift Ideas for Pool Owners

gift ideas for pool owners


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Shopping for someone who already seems to have it all is always a challenge. We all still want them to feel special over the holidays, so at Mastercraft Pool and Spa, we have come up with a list of five things that would make great gift ideas for pool owners. 

1. Louisiana® Grill

Our first suggestion is a stunning pellet grill from Louisiana Grill! A grill is something the recipient is sure to enjoy using year-round by their pool. They will love grilling out on these top-of-the-line options for everything from entertaining to family dinners. You could even throw in some pellet options with your favorite recipes printed out for them to use. This gift’s versatility will make everyone in the family and friend group happy.

2. Patio Furniture

Some new patio furniture is another of our wondrous gift ideas for pool owners. This is an excellent time of year to buy patio furniture, as most places will have things on major sale. It could be something as simple as replacement umbrellas for stuff they already own or new loungers to use when the seasons change. Think about what the person you are buying for enjoys the most about their pool. Is it entertaining? Then opt for a new table and chair set. Do they like lounging by the pool best? Then ledge loungers are a way to enhance their pool! If you are trying to stay on a stricter budget, replacing pillows or cushions could be an excellent option. 

3. Water Slide

If you have someone who has kids or loves a good time, another of our fantastic gift ideas for pool owners is a water slide to go with their pool! A water slide will be a fun, exciting, out-of-the-box surprise to receive this holiday season. Who could be mad about receiving a water slide?!

4. Automatic Pool Vacuum 

An automatic pool vacuum is more practical but still a superb choice. This gift could save your gift recipient hours of work over the year. Simply hook up the vacuum and place it in the pool! Their water will be clean in no time at all without them having to do much.

5. Pool Chemicals

More practical and affordable gift ideas for pool owners are the chemicals they have to buy for their pool. Sneak a peek at what they keep on hand and make a few notes. You can come in and get high-quality options for them to have whenever they need them. Things like chlorine and test strips are something pool owners always need. 

6. Hot Tub

Our final suggestion for gift ideas for pool owners is a hot tub! This extravagant gift will pair perfectly with their existing pool. What better way to help them use their space year-round than by adding in a hot tub?! There are price points available for everyone and even plug-and-play options, so you don’t have to hire an electrician. A hot tub can perfect the outdoor space they already enjoy.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for your pool owner, come by and see us in-store for more personalized advice. Our experts are available to help you navigate all of the options available to you, so you know they will love it! 


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