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6 Things You MUST Do Before You Close Your Pool For Fall


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The tail-end of summer is finally here. School is going back in session, along with other time-consuming activities, and soon the weather will be too cold to enjoy a nice swim. Now’s a great time to do a few things before you close your pool for fall. Ensure your pool is well protected and ready to use next summer with these six tips.

Find Supplies to Close Your Pool

Gather all your chemicals and other supplies to put away for the season, and make a list of closing chemicals and supplies you need. This will make closing your pool much easier when you have everything you need beforehand. Gone will be the days of searching for that one specific chemical or part you could have sworn you just saw last week. With Mastercraft Pool & Spa’s convenient online store, getting everything you need is quick and easy.

Close Your Pool with Healthy Water

About one week before you close your pool for fall, you’ll need to balance your chemicals in your pool’s water for the last time. Check the pH level, alkalinity, and calcium hardness to ensure your water is healthy.

Scrub It Down

Give your pool a good scrub down one week before you plan to cover it for the season. Adding a surface cleaner can really help break down stains and other dirt on your pool’s surface. It’s best to brush your pool several times in this final week. 

Allow for Extra Filtering

Let your filter run 24/7 in the last couple of days you have your pool open. This will cut back on algae growth and potential stains that may creep up in the colder months ahead. Bonus points if you add a clarifier. 

Shock Your Water

The day you choose to close your pool, use non-chlorinated pool shock. This oxidizes the water’s contaminates, but doesn’t affect your algaecide. Speaking of which, you’ll want to add your algaecide in next. Or, you can use Mastercraft’s Smart Shock® from Bioguard®, which has algae-killing crystals already added. 

Cover It Up

Finally, it’s time to cover your pool for fall and winter. You may need to grab an extra hand to help you. Inspect your pool’s cover, make sure there are no rips or tears, and fasten it securely to keep your pool protected through the off season.Don’t have time to stock up on your chemicals, or need someone to take over your pool maintenance? Contact Mastercraft Pool & Spa! We can deliver your supplies directly to your door or take care of your pool for you — whether you’re a residential or commercial customer! Call us at 208-237-6557 to get started on the best pool closing you’ve ever experienced.


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