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3 Reasons a Swim Spa is Perfect for a Small Backyard

swim spa is perfect for a small backyard


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While many of us may have small backyards, that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the wonders that aquatic recreation has to offer. The experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa know that there is an excellent solution to keep you having fun all year long. A swim spa is PERFECT for a small backyard, and it provides a space-saving option that is useful in various capacities. 

A Swim Spa is Perfect for a Small Backyard Because It Won’t Take Up Too Much Space

While getting a swimming pool small enough to fit in your backyard may seem impossible, a swim spa can do just that. Because it is smaller than a standard swimming pool, it can fit into smaller spaces. It will also still have room for more than a few people. This makes it a great space-saving idea. It will also cost less than having a custom small swimming pool put in, offering an excellent solution to a small-space problem.

A Swim Spa is Perfect for a Small Backyard Because It Can Be Used in Three Different Ways

Another reason a swim spa is perfect for a small backyard is that it can do TRIPLE duty as three different items in one! If you have ever lived in a small space, you know the more purposes an object can serve, the more valuable and wonderful it will be. So not only will a swim spa be helpful as a swimming pool, but it can be used for many types of exercise and as a hot tub!

A swim spa has the ability to morph into various methods of use for exercise equipment, too. You won’t need a home gym anymore unless you just want one. With additions like an underwater treadmill, stationary bike, rowing equipment, and resistance bands, you can create a unique workout for everyone in your home. Since they have so many options, it will save you space both inside your home and outside.

A swim spa can also double as a hot tub. Most people have to have a separate hot tub built or added to enjoy both options in their backyard. With a swim spa, the jets and warm water are included. When you are done working out, just move to the back of your swim spa to sit down and enjoy the relaxing, therapeutic benefits.

A Swim Spa is Perfect for a Small Backyard Because It Can Be Used Year-Round

As we mentioned before, a swim spa comes equipped with temperature controls. Choose a cool retreat or the warm water of a hot tub so that you can continue to use it into the colder months. No matter what size swimming pool you get, if it is outside in your yard, you most certainly won’t be able to use it year-round. Being able to entertain and enjoy the outdoors all year is a wonderful benefit, no matter what you are looking for.

If you have a small space and want guidance on how to best use it, our expert consultants are available to walk you through your options. With multiple swim and seating options available, it couldn’t be easier to find the ATV™ swim spa model that’s right for you. We can’t wait to help make your small backyard the backyard of your dreams. 


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