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Are Chemicals for Pools and Hot Tubs the Same?


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There’s nothing like the beauty of aquatic recreation. And as the weather starts to warm, you couldn’t be more thrilled to open your pool. After a long winter of hot tub enjoyment, you’re pretty much a pro at maintaining your water balance in your hot tub. And now you might be thinking that those same chemicals could work wonders on your pool. Are chemicals for pools and hot tubs the same? Why not kill two birds with one stone, right? Wrong! Mastercraft Pool & Spa is here to save not only the day, but also your pool and hot tub. There are some main reasons why pool and spa chemicals cannot be interchanged. Let’s take a look and see why.

Strength and Volume

It’s true — your hot tub and pool chemicals contain many of the same ingredients. But how those ingredients interact with the body of water that they are put into is completely different. When you add pool chemicals to your pool, they are specially formulated to be in an extremely large body of water. Now think of adding those ultra-concentrated chemicals to a small body of heated water. There are going to be problems, right? And think of adding your hot tub chemicals made for hot water into your cool pool. It’s just not going to do the job you need. Bacteria, algae, and other surprises may love it, but we assure you that you won’t. Plus, you may have some damage on your hands to equipment and components. You’ve invested so well in incredible amenities to have at home. It would be an absolute shame to do damage to the spaces you love so much by using incompatible chemicals. There’s never a reason for a chemicals substitution! 

Circulation and Temperature

The chemical reactions that take place in your swimming pool and hot tub are in large part dictated by temperature and circulation as well. The higher temperatures of a hot tub and fast and efficient water circulation will cause quick chemical reactions. Hot tub chemicals are created to dissolve effortlessly in hot water and to be circulated quickly. Those same chemicals will not dissolve well in cold water. And the circulation? It would take a lot of hours for those chemicals to make it all the way through your pool water. In the same way, can you imagine your super-concentrated pool chemicals reacting in your warm hot tub water? It may make for an exciting chemistry experiment, but is not the best for sanitizing and balancing your spa water.

Get the Perfect Chemicals for Pools and Hot Tubs

You can easily see that using the wrong chemicals in your pool or spa just isn’t worth it. So what should you do instead? Use the proper chemicals for pools and hot tubs in the proper places, and you will have properly balanced water and properly running pool and spa components. At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we make it easy for you to get everything you need for your pool or hot tub. Our online store offers you the convenience you need to make sure you keep your pool and hot tub running smoothly. Questions about water care? Our expert staff are just a phone call away. We even provide free water testing to ensure you have the exact chemicals you need to keep your water clean, clear, and oh, so enjoyable.


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