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Everything You Need to Know About Buying & Owning a Hot Tub in Idaho

Two couples laugh and smile in a hot tub under a deck with beautiful mountains in the background as they discuss everything you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho.


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Everything You Need to Know About Buying & Owning a Hot Tub in Idaho

At first glance, even starting the process of buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho can be a little intimidating. And then there’s the maintenance and upkeep which can get really complicated if you’re brand new to the whole process.

So before you feel like you’re slipping under the water in this whole buying and owning a hot tub thing, take a deep breath. There’s a lot you can learn, but you’re definitely not alone in this process, and it’s definitely worth it.

The benefits of owning your very own hot tub, especially here in Idaho, far outweigh the time it will take you to learn. And we’re here to help you. Here’s everything you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho. 

What To Know Before Buying A Hot Tub Here In Idaho

A woman relaxes in a hot tub with a beautiful mountain view in the background as she contemplates buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho.

Knowledge is power, and it pays to do your research before jumping into a major investment like a hot tub. You’ll spend years enjoying your hot tub, so it’s a choice you want to take seriously. And there are a few things you should know before you take the plunge and actually buy your hot tub.

Before your big purchase, take some time to do some research on the different makes and models of hot tubs available to you. There are advantages and disadvantages to each manufacturer, just like there are with the manufacturer of anything. So the choice really comes down to your personal needs and preferences. 

Do you have limited space? You might want to consider our Fantasy Spas® line to meet that specific need. Do you entertain often? Then a hot tub from our line of Sundance® Spas might better fit your lifestyle.

Are you looking for a way to remain active during the long, cold winters here in Idaho? Then one of our Aquatic Training Vessels™ by Marquis® will absolutely fit the bill. Your needs will determine the exact hot tub you buy, but you’ll need to be educated about your choices. So, let’s keep going, so you’re prepared!

Where Can You Even Buy A Spa In Idaho?

A couple looks out over a field with a pond and mountains in the distance as they sit in a hot tub and discuss buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho.

The next question you may find yourself asking is, “Who can I trust to help me buy a hot tub?” It’s a good and fair question to ask through this process. And not every pool and spa business is created equally.

There are a few qualities that you should definitely look for when you’re considering the right business for you. Mastercraft Pool & Spa is obviously the best choice, but we may be a little biased. In all seriousness, you want to be sure you’re getting the best hot tub for you.

There will be different hot tub brands depending on the dealer you use, so it’s a good idea to consider a business that carries more than one line of spas. That way you know you’re getting a good look at all of your options.

Here in Pocatello, Idaho, Mastercraft Pool & Spa is dedicated to getting you the best hot tub for your needs, and we’re dedicated to your satisfaction. We’re also family-owned and locally operated. In today’s business climate, that’s important.

Not to mention we carry a wide variety of the best options, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. 

You’ve Bought Your Hot Tub. Now How Do You Care For It In Idaho?

A couple soaks in a hot tub with a beautiful home in the background as they consider buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho.

You’ve found the perfect hot tub, so now what? There are some basic spa care tips that you can follow to make your hot tub ownership here in the cold Idaho winters a little easier. The most important thing to focus on when caring for your hot tub is maintenance.

It is far easier to maintain a clean and clear hot tub than it is to regain your clean and clear water once algae or cloudiness has taken over. Checking your chemical levels regularly is a must, and it would help you immensely to learn the basics of your hot tubs chemistry. It’s really not too, too complicated once you get the hang of it.

And if the idea of maintaining your hot tub is just too much for you, that’s okay! Our team at Mastercraft Pool & Spa can schedule you for maintenance, so you don’t have to worry.

Remember all the great benefits of a hot tub soak like reduced stress and increased blood circulation. You can enhance those benefits by reducing your stress even more when you let Mastercraft do the maintenance. 

What About The Idaho Cold Season?

A woman wearing a red bathing suit splashes water in a hot tub. There is snow in the background. They contemplate buying and owning a hot tub in Idaho.

So the next thing you may be wondering about is the Idaho cold season. We’re no strangers to the weather here in Idaho, so we understand that your concern is valid.

But our answers may surprise you. You don’t need to shut your hot tub down unless you just want to. That’s the beauty of a hot tub in our climate.

You can use it year-round and still reap those benefits. There’s something truly special about relaxing in the perfectly warm waters of your spa while the snow dances around you and the hush falls over the land. 

Now, there are some steps you should make sure to follow so your hot tub remains in good working order through the cold season.

Keeping the heater on and the water circulating is necessary for the life of your hot tub. And you’ll want to make sure the water levels don’t dip too low. But other than that, it’s pretty simple.

And if you’re still concerned, there are some hot tubs, particularly in the Marquis® line, that have protections built-in for your spa against harsh Idaho winters. So, don’t fret! Your hot tub was made for this climate.

Idaho Hot Tub Fun

A little boy splashes in a hot tub as his parents hide their faces in the background.

And finally, some really important considerations. Owning a hot tub in Idaho can provide a unique experience that it’s hard to find in other parts of the nation.

Those kiddos in the south don’t have to consider questions like, “Is it safe to jump into the snow after a hot tub soak?” But you can have first-hand experience once you choose the perfect hot tub from Mastercraft Pool & Spa.

Consider all the relaxation opportunities you can have, and then get moving on making your hot tub ownership dreams a reality. Your date nights will never be the same, and you’ll feel more relaxed than ever.

Mastercraft Pool & Spa has been in the pool and spa business for over 35 years. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your spa needs here in Pocatello, Idaho. So give us a call today to get started. 


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