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Can I Use a Swim Spa in Winter?

A swimmer comes up for air while swimming laps and using a swim spa in winter.


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Upon learning about the existence of swim spas, you may find the question, “Can I use a swim spa in winter?” is a natural next thought. And there’s good news. The answer is: absolutely. 

Let’s take a deep dive together into the world of Aquatic Training Vessels™ by Marquis®. They’re amazing little things (compared to a full-sized swimming pool) that can serve you in so many different ways. 

A Swim Spa in Winter

Using a swim spa in winter might be one of the best reasons to get one. You can use a swim spa year round even here in the Pocatello, Idaho region with our hearty winter season. That might even be a good reason to opt for a Marquis ATV swim spa over a regular, full-sized swimming pool installation. 

If you’re looking to be able to swim laps throughout the snowy, cold season, then a swim spa is the right choice for you. With an ATV swim spa, you’ll be able to control the temperature of the water even though you can’t control the temperature of the air outside your swim spa. That means no matter how cold it is outside, you’ll be perfectly warm in your swim spa as you swim laps for your overall health or simply relax in the spa portion. So, in answer to the question, yes, you can use a swim spa in winter.

Other Benefits of a Swim Spa 

But being able to use your swim spa in winter is actually only one of the amazing benefits of having an ATV swim spa. The intention and design behind a swim spa is to provide you with all of the most important aspects of aquatic recreation in one great package. And, to say the least, they deliver. 

Swim spas provide all the functionality of a lap pool with specialized pumps that create a current for you to swim in. So, if you’re considering a swimming pool installation only for the ability to swim laps for exercise at home, then a swim spa could be a more fitting option than a huge in-ground construction.

Not to mention, if you’re also considering the benefits of a hot tub or spa, then an ATV swim spa is going to simultaneously meet that need. Depending on which model is perfect for your needs (and our team at Mastercraft Pool & Spa is ready to help you figure out exactly which one is right), you can have a swim spa that not only has room for you to swim laps or aqua-cycle (yep, that’s a thing, too), but that also has room for two or more people to sit and soak in the spa area. Some models even include jets for the perfect massage. 

Trust the Masters at Mastercraft Pool & Spa

Basically, a swim spa is the perfect aquatic vessel to meet a specific set of needs. And it definitely deserves a thorough consideration, especially if you’re hoping to swim laps in the snow. We recommend taking some time out of your day to consult our expert team of swim spa masters at Mastercraft Pool & Spa. You can even schedule a time to come for a test swim. Contact us today to get started on the whole process. 


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