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Checking on Your Pool Cover this Winter


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Winter is coming, and right now it feels like living in the dull black and white of Kansas in the Wizard of Oz without those summer days of swimming. But, soon you’ll be able to dive in your aquatic oasis over the rainbow — if you take the time to properly care for your pool cover this winter. Here a few reminders to get you through the dreary winter months and come through with a swimming pool that’ll make you want to shout, “There’s no place like home!” 

Dirt, leaves, and sticks, “Oh My!”

Your safety cover is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your pool clear of debris. However, letting winter rubbish pile up on your cover will cause damage to your aquatic oasis and fast! A leaf blower will make clearing your cover’s surface a quick and easy job. A soft bristle pool brush is excellent for larger sticks, as well. 

We Welcome You to Tension Land

Your safety cover is held in place with high-quality parts to keep the tension high. About halfway through the winter season, you’ll want to double-check that your pool’s cover is still taut. This is also a great time to measure your pool’s water level. When snow falls, the water actually helps support your cover. But, on the flip side, having water touch the cover under normal weather conditions will create a wet spot for leaves and dirt to build up. Make sure that your water level is not too low or too high. 

Follow the Yellow Brick Pool Markers

A quick tip for checking your pool cover this winter involves placing markers along the edge of your pool. This helps when heavy snow falls by allowing you to find the edge of your swimming pool, preventing accidents. Lawn stakes with rope or twine is a great option for marking the edges of your water’s perimeter. 

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