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Create an Oasis In Your Backyard With a Sundance® Spa!


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After a long day on planet earth, there is nothing like coming home. Now more than ever, home should be a place where you can unplug and unwind. Many people put effort into the decor and flow of their home interior — and rightly so. But sometimes it’s good to consider the rejuvenating space your backyard can also boast! With a little care and some help from Mastercraft Pool & Spa, that pesky patch of grass you have to mow every week can become your own private escape from the world. You can create an oasis in your backyard with a Sundance® spa.

Leave the World Behind

We get it: after a year in lockdown, there’s nothing left to watch on any of the streaming services that keep getting invented, and social media is a wasteland. But picture this: you stop the endless scrolling and channel changing, you put the phone away, and you walk out the back door. What greets you there on the patio isn’t more worries or to-do list items, but instead a private and peaceful oasis in your backyard, complete with a Sundance® spa. You climb into the spa and place your refreshing drink to the side. Lowering yourself into the hot tub, you feel the warm water cover your body. You immediately feel your muscles relax and your spirit begin to sooth. The bustling world and its worries are a million miles away, and you only had to walk a couple feet to your own backyard to get the feel-good mood you crave.

Let Hydrotherapy Carry You Away

Sundance spas come with patented Fluidix® jets that make hot tub hour a relaxing and renewing hydrotherapy session. Fluidix jets focus differing pressures on the same pressure points on your body that massage therapists use when employing acupressure and reflexology to give the sensation of receiving a renewing massage. Check it out: “Every Fluidix jet is assigned a distinct role, uniquely designed to simulate a specific massage action. Air-only jet streams feel like delicate fingers massaging soft tissues. Other jets act more like strong hands deeply kneading large muscles. Some even mimic the rapid, stimulating techniques of Eastern massage therapies.” No trip to get a massage necessary. Just a couple steps out to your Sundance spa in your backyard oasis and you’ll be in a serene space all your own.

Bring the Best in Hydrotherapy Home

Like this short video explains, the many benefits of hydrotherapy include stress relief in the body and mind. A Sundance spa makes hydrotherapy more accessible than ever. Your trip to an inner oasis takes just a few steps to your own backyard. Unplugging from the world and relaxing is easy when you can plunge into incredible hydrotherapy in your Sundance spa. Mastercraft Pool & Spa is happy to be your premier hot tub source in Pocatello. We are proud to offer the superior experience of Sundance spas to all our customers. Contact us today for any of your pool and spa needs. Let us help you renew in the beauty of your backyard oasis with a new Sundance spa from Mastercraft!


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