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Do I Need to Cover My Pool in Summer?

A pool sits covered in the sunshine during the summer.


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cover my pool for summer

Pool covers are great for keeping your pool safe for the winter season. But you may find yourself wondering, “Do I need to cover my pool in the summer?” Pool covers aren’t just for winter. You may find yourself wondering about all the ways you could benefit from using them in the summer. Let’s dive in and discuss the ways you could use your pool cover during the summer.

Should I Cover My Pool In Summer?

Should and need are strong words to associate with covering your pool in the summer. We wouldn’t say that it’s absolutely necessary, but there are definitely some benefits. So, while we wouldn’t say you need to cover your pool in the summer here in the Pocatello, Idaho area (winter is a different story) there are some very interesting and clear benefits to covering your pool in the summer that you may not have considered. 

A Summer Pool Cover Can Save You Money

One of the potential benefits of covering your pool in the summer is that it can cut down on the evaporation of both your water and the chemicals in it. Evaporation is a slow process, but it does affect the water levels in your pool and the chemical usage. You can actually choose to cover your pool on days that you won’t be using it and prevent some of the evaporation that would occur from the long days of sun exposure. 

Preventing some of that evaporation would mean that you won’t have to top off your pool as often and that you would conserve some of your chemical usage. We’re all about efficiency, and covering your pool on sunny days when you’re gone is actually a really smart way to achieve the height of efficiency for your chemical usage. 

A Summer Pool Cover Can Save You Time

In addition to saving you a little money, a pool cover can also save you a little bit of time. Using a pool cover in the summer can help minimize the amount of time you spend physically cleaning debris out of your pool by preventing it from getting in in the first place. 

If you cover your pool during summer nights when you’re done swimming, you won’t have to skim the water before swimming the next morning. Or if you know the weather forecast includes a storm or strong winds, then you won’t have to worry about skimming a ton of debris out of your pool if you cover it before the Idaho weather rolls in. So, a summer pool cover can save you some time, too!

You Can Keep The Heat With A Pool Cover

And finally, a summer pool cover can help your pool retain a little heat. Even in the summer here in Idaho, our low temperatures can dip down into the 50s. That means that first thing in the morning is a little chilly for a swim, but a summer pool cover can help your pool to retain some of the heat of the day through the night. Even just a few degrees can make a difference, and you want all the swim time you can get. 

Ultimately, a pool cover has its benefits even during the summer. So whatever your swimming pool needs are, our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team is standing by ready to help you. From a pool build to a swim spa, we’ve got the options you need. Give us a call today. 


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