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Fiberglass vs. Concrete Pool Designs

A professional sketches out a custom pool for a customer deciding between fiberglass vs. concrete pool designs.


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Designing your pool is a fun and creative task. For a quality pool, both fiberglass and concrete pools are excellent choices. Comparing fiberglass vs. concrete pool designs, the difference comes down to customization vs. construction timeline. Either type of pool could be perfect for you, depending on what you’re dreaming up.

Fiberglass Pools Offer Quicker Construction with Fewer Customization Options

Fiberglass pools come in precast design models. While fiberglass pool shapes can’t be customized, there is certainly no shortage of design models to choose from. Pre-formed fiberglass pools are lowered into place in your yard as-is. 

Pair your chosen fiberglass pool design with a surrounding pool deck tailored to your tastes. You can also add rock formations and other customizations to further personalize your patio.

Because fiberglass pools arrive at your house in one piece, construction finishes quickly compared to concrete pools. After you have received the necessary permits, our pool installation professionals can install your new fiberglass pool quickly. You may have barely enough time to shop for a new swimsuit!

Concrete Pools Allow for Maximum Design Customization with A Corresponding Construction Timeline

When it comes to concrete pool designs, the only limit is your own imagination. Concrete pool designs are fully customizable. They can be designed in any shape. So whether you want a circle, square, octagon, or peanut, your concrete pool can be a one-of-a-kind original. 

Your concrete pool can also be designed in any size. Live your Olympic fantasy with a larger than life pool ready for the whole neighborhood to visit. Conversely, you can fit a concrete pool in your small or awkwardly-shaped backyard.

Concrete pools also allow for additional architecture to be built into your design. Add waterfalls, hot tubs, or fountains. Think about what your idea of the ultimate dream pool was as a kid. You can still have that dream pool! Our pool pros are available for expert consultation and advice. You can customize a concrete pool from Mastercraft Pool & Spa to your every desire. 

Concrete pools can be finished with a wide selection of tile and plaster options. Make it natural and decadent. Make it whimsical and opalescent. Let the texture of your pool area say something bold. There is a pool finish choice that is perfect for you.  

Because of the customization possibilities and construction process, concrete pool construction timelines are longer than those of fiberglass pools. Constructing a concrete pool could take 8-12 weeks. Permit wait times, weather delays, and customizations can also affect the timeline.

A professional sketches out a custom pool for a customer deciding between  fiberglass vs. concrete pool designs.

Fiberglass vs. Concrete Pool Designs: Which is Right for You?

Overall, you can’t go wrong whether you choose a fiberglass or concrete pool from Mastercraft Pool & Spa for your home. Both are fantastic options sure to entertain your family for many years to come! Depending on your design desires and construction timeline preferences, each could be a perfect fit. 

Mastercraft Pool & Spa is your Interior Northwest source for fiberglass and concrete pools. Now that you know whether you want a fiberglass vs. concrete pool, give us a call or stop by our store. Our pool experts are ready to make your pool design dreams a reality!


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