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Help Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa Have a Long Life

Help Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa Have a Long Life


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You’ve finally found your life-long aquatic love. You’ve been dreaming about your special space of dedicated relaxation for decades. Now you’ve found it. The soothing water, therapeutic jets, and endless health benefits are as dreamy as you had hoped for. Your whole family loves it. And most of all, you feel incredible. You never want these wonderful days to end. Here’s how to help your Marquis® hot tub or swim spa have a good, long life.

Find the Benefits You Need

Now that you’ve found your perfect match, you’ll be blown away by the benefits. Your Marquis hot tub or swim spa is your answer to boosted immunity, wellness and fitness, and unmatched relaxation. From clearing congestion and warding off colds, to increasing your white blood cell count, you can count on your spa to build you from the inside out. The warm water will also increase circulation, sending needed nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body. This is impactful for immunity, pain relief, mental focus, boosted mood, relief of anxiety and depression, and so much more.

Next, adding fitness in your hot tub or swim spa is absolutely icing on the cake. Add stretches in your hot tub to loosen tight muscles and relax joints. The warm water will soothe and restore the parts of your body that need it most. Retreat to your swim spa for the ultimate in aquatic fitness. With an endless current, you can swim like you are in open water. And with additional exercises you can jog, bike, or have a full-body workout with these fantastic ideas.

And to wrap it up, experience incredible sleep and relaxation benefits and you’ll feel like a whole new you. The increased water temperature boosts your core temperature. If aches and pains are something that you deal with on a consistent basis, you’ll find your hot tub to be your new best friend. The heat will relax and restore, bringing you needed wellness. As you leave your spa, it will also make your body temperature drop—triggering your body’s natural sleep response. From physical to mental health, you will be pleased with the results you’ll see in routine spa use. So how can you keep the good feelings flowing?

Extend the Life of Your Swim Spa with Proper Care

The first step in making the most of the years that you have your hot tub or swim spa is to take care of business first. Proper spa maintenance is a must. Professional-grade chemicals will make your water clean, clear, and oh, so comfortable. Perform water testing at routine intervals, and keep up with your scheduled drain and fills. And if you need help along the way, know that the trusted technicians at Mastercraft Pool & Spa are always reading and willing to help with all of your maintenance needs.

What about essential oils?

Essential oils are all the rage, and some people find that it has an impact on their health. Naturally, adding oils to a hot tub or swim spa might come to mind. Warm water therapy paired with essential oil therapy would be perfect, right? Not so fast, my friend. Essential oils are exactly what they say they are… OILS. After taking such wonderful care of your hot tub or swim spa with proper maintenance, it would be a shame to coat your plumbing or jets and clog your filter with slick, thick oil. Instead, choose from approved aromatherapy products. Mastercraft’s line of Spazazz aromatherapy is specially designed for your spa. It is safe to use, and adds a whole new level of enjoyment to your spa sessions. Or, choose our incredible MicroSilkTM technology to boost your immunity and leave yourself feeling incredible with each soak.

So, how long can your Marquis spa last?

When you invest in a hot tub or swim spa, it pays off to choose one of exceptional quality. That way, when you take care of it correctly, your hot tub will last for decades. So will your swim spa. You already know that keeping your chemicals balanced is the first step to a properly maintained spa. But is there anything else you need to know?

One of the first things you can gain to make your hot tub or swim spa energy-efficient and protected is a quality cover. Not only will it help to ensure the safety of your backyard oasis, you’ll find that your spa maintains its temperature more consistently—increasing energy efficiency and lowering your monthly costs. Keeping your temperature consistent will make it easier on your spa’s heater and pumps. Although some people don’t consider that on the maintenance side of spa care, having your spa work effortlessly and efficiently will definitely extend its lifespan. 

Next, use chemicals in your spa water that have been stored correctly. Wide temperature fluctuations can impact the quality of your chemicals. Professional-grade chemicals that have been stored correctly will work wonders on your water. You’ll also need to drain your spa several times a year for the best water quality. And don’t forget about the shell of your hot tub or swim spa. When you drain your spa, give your shell and cabinet a good cleaning. And don’t let your pets’ claws near your precious spa investment! Those sharp little claws will scratch up your spa more quickly than you can imagine. Instead, set up a kiddie pool for Fido next to you. He’ll love the cool water and being close by as you soak in your favorite space of relaxation. With just a few easy tips, you can help your hot tub or swim spa have a long life. Your Marquis spa can last up to 20 years! Now, that’s one incredible investment.

Bring the joy of Marquis home to stay!

Have you found the Marquis model you love the most, but you haven’t had a chance to bring it home yet? Don’t fear! With a spa from Mastercraft Pool & Spa, you’ll find “The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™” and “The Ultimate Swim Experience!™” Just call 208-237-6557 today. Or, stop in-store to view the incredible models that make your backyard paradise the space you’ll want to retreat to over and over again. And when you want your Marquis spa to stand the test of time, you’ll have a trusted ally to help your hot tub or swim spa have a good, long life. With a spa from Mastercraft Pool & Spas, each and every day is better than the last.


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