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How a Swim Spa Can Replace Your Gym Membership – Forever


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Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life? Then throw that gym membership away! That’s right — toss it in the trash, because with a swim spa, you’ll never need to go to the gym again. Torch calories, build muscle, and enjoy less stress on your joints even as you increase your workout intensity. You’ll soon find how a swim spa can replace your gym membership forever! 

Save money when you replace your gym membership

On average, gym memberships are about $40 a month but can be as much as $100, plus annual fees. A swim spa is an investment not only in your health, but in your recreation as well. Instead of paying a monthly fee and becoming trapped in an endless cycle of renewal contracts, you can own your very own spa that doubles as everything you need at a public gym — including premium hydrotherapy. 


How many times have you promised yourself to go to the gym after work, only to be exhausted by the end of the day? Or to wake up early, only to find bad weather you’d rather not deal with and decide to go back to bed? What about actually making a trip to the gym, only to waste precious time waiting in line for equipment? Even gyms that are open 24/7 can’t compare to the convenience of having a swim spa in your own home or backyard

Total Body Workout

Swimming burns up to 40% more calories than biking and works your entire body. But you can also add accessories to your swim spa to change up that workout and keep you motivated. Try an underwater bike, aquatic weights, or rowing. Or, forget the equipment and go through your stretches to loosen and relax muscles, allowing the water to provide extra stability and resistance for a more effective session. 

Are you ready to change your workout routines and your life with a swim spa? Mastercraft Pool & Spa is here to help you create the environment you need to not only cater to your physical fitness, but to provide the calm and soothing message of an unmatched hydrotherapy experience. Contact us today. Replace your gym membership with a swim spa and you’ll never have to spend another minute in the gym again!  


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