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How Hot Tubs Help with Chronic Pain


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Did you know there’s an estimated 50 million people living with chronic pain in the U.S. alone? Everyone here at Mastercraft Pool & Spa thinks that’s 50 million too many. We can’t cure the conditions that cause pain. However, we CAN build you a beautiful hot tub retreat to help with chronic pain — right in your very own backyard.

Help with Chronic Pain: Heat

Picture this: You are in your backyard, delighting in an unparalleled therapeutic experience as you soak in a hot tub and allow the warm water to envelope you. You are relaxing, resting, healing… But how does it work? Heat dilates your blood vessels, which improves your circulation. When your circulation increases, it allows your body’s cells to decrease inflammation and your brain to release endorphins. This means almost immediate pain relief and even a better mood!

So, how else can a hot tub help with chronic pain? Buoyancy! Imagine floating and feeling weightless, with almost no pressure on your joints or muscles. Water decreases your weight by up to 90%. Buoyancy also helps to relieve stiffness, allowing for better range of motion and an easier time performing physical therapy and stretching.

Massage Therapy

Ah, those glorious jets! It’s a hot tub’s most popular feature and easily the most powerful tool a spa has in the battle against chronic pain. With a high-quality jet system, you can target specific muscle groups to alleviate discomfort and reduce inflammation. In fact, soaking in a hot tub regularly has been proven to improve flexibility and even strengthen your immune system. 

Stress Relief

Hydrotherapy does wonders relieving stress. And since stress can cause flare ups, it’s easy to see how a hot tub helps. When you soak in a spa and relax, your body reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. It also increases serotonin, the feel-good hormone. This means less pain and more happy thoughts for you. You’ll feel relaxed and restored as you make hot tub therapy a part of your wellness journey. There’s no reason to keep on suffering. If you are struggling with chronic pain, contact Mastercraft Pool & Spa today. We’ll let you try before you buy with an incredible, private test soak. Let us construct a unique, stunning spa space that you can use whenever you need relief. Find the results you need in the most innovative and delightful way possible — a beautiful hot tub from Mastercraft.


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