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How Long Does it Take to Build a Fiberglass Pool?


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Becoming a pool owner is an exciting time, and, for many homeowners, a dream come true! We know you’re anxiously anticipating the day when you can walk out of your backdoor and take in all the beauty and magical fun your swimming pool will provide this summer. While we know you can’t wait for your pool installation, we’d love to go over a general timeline and discuss how long it takes to build a fiberglass pool to help you prepare for this magnificent project.

Prepping the Dig Site 

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more prep that goes into your Pocatello pool build than you might think. You may have to obtain permits depending on your county, which could take a few weeks to obtain. Next, our team of highly-trained and experienced pool builders will locate utilities that could inhibit the building process. Once you have the permits and the utilities taken care of, we can begin to create the finish grade of the pool deck. The final step in your site prep involves outlining your pool so that excavation can begin, and the whole site prep process should only take a few hours.


With an excavator, we’ll remove the majority of the dirt, digging a slightly wider, deeper hole to allow sand or gravel to fill the area where the pool bottom will rest. We will then use a crane to set your fiberglass pool into the prepared hole. It is normal for it to take a few times to perfectly level the pool, as we take great care to ensure your pool installation is immaculate. We’ll also add a sump line in the deep end to help balance hydrostatic pressure. Depending on a lot of factors, the time frame for this step can vary, but in general it will take about three days.

Filling Your Fiberglass Pool

After your pool is set in perfectly, we will use either sand or gravel to fill the remaining space between your pool and the ground. We’ll start with about six inches surrounding the bottom of the pool, and then add approximately six inches of water inside the pool. We continue to alternate this process, creating equal pressure on both sides of the swimming pool, “locking in” your pool to its new home. We’ll also use this time to install plumbing, water features, or lights in the necessary areas, testing for leaks along the way. These processes can take as little as one day, or up to four, depending on the features and size of your swimming pool.

Running Electrical and Plumbing

While we started on the electrical and plumbing when we filled the pool, we will still need to install an electrical pad that holds all your electrical features such as a heater, pump, filter, and special water features. This step is fairly simple and can take one to three days.

Final Touches to Build Your Fiberglass Pool

The final step in your fiberglass pool installation is the pouring of concrete for your pool deck. It can take two to three days for the concrete to set, but the timeline for this process greatly depends on the weather. 

We know how valuable your time is, and we also know how excited you are for your pool build to be complete. So, how long does it take to build a fiberglass pool? Each project varies, but generally one to two weeks after all the necessary permits have been obtained. Our highly-trained and experienced team of expert pool builders at Mastercraft will build you a one-of-a-kind aquatic masterpiece, right in your backyard. Contact us today and get started on designing yours!


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