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How much will my fiberglass pool cost?


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Are you ready to create a backyard haven with a fiberglass pool of your own? We know your first and biggest question is, “How much will my fiberglass pool cost?” After all, how can you know what to expect, or even know if a fiberglass pool is realistic for your budget if you don’t talk numbers?

Of course, with all the different pool sizes and options, it’s impossible to give you an estimate before we’ve got a specific design to talk about. Averages, on the other hand, we can give you. While these numbers still vary a lot based on the options you choose for your specific pool, this will give you a good idea of what to expect your fiberglass pool to cost.

All told, the average backyard fiberglass pool costs between $40,000 and $85,000. 

This price includes the accessories, coping, patio, and the like. We know, that’s a pretty big range. But backyard pools vary greatly. For some people, a simple patio and basic options are perfect, while others want to create a resort-vibe with a waterfall, rock feature, or upgraded stone hardscaping. So, the question is, what does your ideal fiberglass pool look like? 

Let’s break those numbers down further.  

Do you want a rectangle or freeform pool? 16-feet long or 35-feet long? Do you want the depth to be closer to 5-feet or 7-feet? You have a lot of options when it comes to picking your fiberglass shell, but here are the average price ranges:

  • Small Shell (less than 26’ long): $10,000 to $20,000
  • Medium Shell (26’ – 34’ long): $13,000 to $22,000
  • Large Shell (35’ long or longer): $15,000 to $28,000

When it comes to installation, there are three types of installs to choose from: Basic, Basic plus Concrete, or Turnkey.

A Basic Installation ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 and includes:

  • Fiberglass Pool Shell
  • Pump and Filter System
  • Shipping
  • Excavation
  • Backfill
  • Filling up the pool

A Basic Installation plus Concrete runs $40,000 – $60,000 and includes all of that plus a concrete patio around your pool.

Turnkey Installation includes all of the above, plus factors in the electrical costs and your pool fence. A turnkey installation averages $45,000 – $85,000. 

As we said, these are just some ballpark numbers. If you’re ready to talk specifics and get the ball rolling on your backyard fiberglass pool, let’s talk! We can even bring your vision to life with a 3-D rendering so you can perfectly picture what your pool and backyard space will be like. Need pool financing to make your oasis a reality? Check out our financing options.

It’s time to get excited. Call Mastercraft Pool & Spa today to start your journey to the fiberglass pool of your dreams!


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