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How to Clean a Green Pool Fast

We see a swimming pool with green water. The stairs of the green pool are covered in algae.


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A green pool can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. And if you don’t plan ahead, you might find yourself in a pickle. What if you’ve got visitors coming this weekend, and your pool matches that pickle you’re in? What if you take the cover off, and you’re staring into the verde depths? We’ve got some tips and tricks for how to clean a green pool fast. 

Test Your Green Pool Water, Stat!

The first thing you want to do when you realize that your pool is indeed green is test your pool water. The best way to successfully balance your pool water is to know where you’re starting. Testing your pool water gives you a good idea of where your chemical levels are (whatever chemicals are left) and your pH. That means you can develop a more accurate plan of action.

Remove the Large Floaters

Your next step of action should probably be to remove any large floating trash or debris that you can see. Cleaning that out will give your pool chemicals a better chance of working, and your filter won’t get clogged. So get to the pool skimming, so you can get to the pool swimming. 

Shock Your Green Pool

How to Clean a Green Pool Fast

You’ll most likely need to shock your pool’s water next. It’s always a good idea to stock up on pool supplies and pool chemicals from your local pool service store like Mastercraft Pool & Spa. With our Idaho winters, it can be hard to predict when you’ll actually be opening your pool, so it’s a good idea to have those chemicals on hand for just this situation.

Your pool shock will help you get a control on the algae and bacteria that are having a grand time in your pool–hence the green color. You’ll also want to brush the sides of your pool to remove anything that’s trying to hang around. After proper application of the shock, your pool water will turn less green and more cloudy white. That’s the progress you want to see and leads us to our next step. 

Filter Out The Leftovers

Now it’s time to let your filter do the hard work of cleaning and removing the dead leftovers from the algae and bacteria. It’s not unreasonable to let your filter run for a long while, like 24 hours or so to give it a chance to properly clean all the water. It’s also a good time to check your chemical balance again at this point. Take a minute to adjust your chemical levels and then let the filter do its work. 

Call In The Pool Service Professionals

Of course, you can always cheat a little bit when it comes to pool ownership. Work smarter not harder and let our pool service experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa get rid of the green for you. That’s less you have to worry about, and we’ve definitely seen a green pool or two in our day. We’re not scared. 

Not only can we get your pool up and running, we can keep it that way. And we do have to say that it’s much easier to maintain a clear pool than it is to get rid of the green. So consider signing up for regular maintenance to really make your pool ownership experience that much better. Give our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team a call today, and we’ll have you swimming in no time! 


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