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How to Create an At-Home Spa Retreat Using Your Hot Tub

Pictured is a woman in her at-home spa. She is sitting in a hot tub, her arm is along the edge of the tub and she is smiling at the camera. The hot tub appears to be in an enclosed patio and there is a stone backdrop with small candles. There is a bench in front of the tub with a towel, cucumber water, and a plate of food.


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Getting away for a spa retreat can be pricey and time-consuming; however, it is important to relax often. Relaxing helps to reduce stress and can even boost productivity—we all need a break sometimes. If venturing out for a spa retreat isn’t practical for you, it may be time to consider creating an at-home spa retreat in your own backyard.

Hot Tub-The Main Event

To start your at-home spa retreat project, be sure your hot tub is cleaned, functioning properly, and has properly balanced chemicals. Consider having your hot tub professionally serviced to ensure it is in tip-top shape and ready for use. 

If you find that your hot tub is in need of replacement—or if you didn’t have a hot tub to being with—come see us at Mastercraft Pool and Spa to explore your options.  

The Essentials

With any spa retreat, there are some essential components that make it what it is. For a proper retreat, make sure you have the following:

Wi-Fi Capability

Modern-day retreats require modern-day technology. Connecting your hot tub’s system to your phone via Wi-Fi is a great way to add some luxury to your experience. All current Marquis® and ATV models have Wi-Fi capability. With this feature you can control your hot tub’s temperature, lighting, cycle feature, jets, and more from anywhere in the world. This feature allows you to set your ideal hot tub settings before you go to get in your spa, ensuring that it is ready and waiting for you. 

Relaxing Music and Sounds

Another essential for a spa retreat is relaxing music while you soak in your hot tub. Many find that certain sounds help them relax also, these sounds include ocean waves, rainfall, white noise, and more. Whatever sounds or music you find most relaxing should be present during your at-home spa retreat. 

While an exterior stereo system can do the trick, it may be more convenient to have an audio system built into your hot tub. Mastercraft Pool & Spas carries a variety of hot tubs with this capability. The Signature collection, Vector21, Marquis® Elite, and Celebrity (excluding the Monaco) have this optional feature available.

Microsilk® Hydrotherapy

A hot tub that features Microsilk hydrotherapy technology can help make your spa retreat even more luxurious. This option is available on all Marquis hot tubs and should be taken advantage of when purchasing a Marquis tub. 

The bubbles produced from a hot tub that features Microsilk are a fraction of the size of a regular hot tub bubble. These tiny bubbles oxygenate the water, surrounding you in microbubbles. These bubbles are good for your skin and can help reduce age-related skin conditions such as wrinkles. 


While steps may seem like a simple feature that any hot tub should have, be sure to invest in a good set of steps for your spa retreat. A tall and wide set of steps will allow for easy access to your hot tub. Steps with a built-in handrail can be even more helpful for getting in and out of your hot tub spa retreat. 

Cover Lifters

Cover lifters for your hot tub add a bonus luxury that may just complete your spa retreat experience. Hot tub covers can be heavy and bulky; they can also be difficult to store while you soak. Hot tub cover lifters have hydraulics, so when they are attached to your cover, you can easily lift and store your cover behind your tub. Closing the cover with the use of cover lifters is just as easy, simply pull the cover back over the top when you are done. 

Are you ready to get your at-home spa retreat set up and ready for use? We have all of your hot tub and hot tub add-on needs for creating your own personal oasis. Contact us or come in to see us today!


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