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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water


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As summer draws near, you have dreams of long, lazy days on a luxurious pool floatie, or perhaps a few wild afternoons playing Marco Polo with the kids. In your dreams, your pool water is crystal clear, sparkly blue, and oh-so beautiful. No one wants to dive into a pool of cloudy water! The good news is that when you have water issues, it’s a pretty easy fix. There are a few main causes for cloudy pool water. Here is your trusty guide to correcting each problem.

Chlorine Levels

The most common culprit for opaque water is low free chlorine (or FC) levels, which means your chlorine is not able to properly sanitize the water. You can find what your FC levels are by deducting the value of the FC from the total chlorine. You should check your chemical levels, and if your free chlorine levels are 3 ppm or your total chlorine levels are greater than 0.5 ppm, you need to shock your pool

Ammonia or Algae?

In rarer cases, you could have an ammonia or an algae problem. These usually occur at the beginning of summer and they may be a bit more difficult to get rid of. If it’s an ammonia issue, your FC and your Cyanuric acid levels will be close to or at 0 ppm. You’ll need high amounts of chlorine to solve your problem. 

The beginning stages of algae growth often cause cloudy pool water. To test for this, you’ll need to do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test. Add your chlorine at the end of the day after sundown and take your FC reading first thing in the morning. If your FC levels have dropped more than 1 ppm, then unfortunately, you probably have algae. The quicker you catch it, the easier it is to treat. You can also prevent it from reoccurring with an algae preventative.

Other Cloudy Water Culprits

Still can’t find the source of your water’s funkiness? You may be dealing with:

  • Improperly balanced chemical levels like: pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, or stabilizer.
  • Not running your filter long enough or clogged cartridges.
  • Dust, pollen, rain water, leaves, or other debris that may clog up your filtration system.

Any time you have water issues in your pool or spa, we are here to help! Feel free to contact our water specialists at Mastercraft Pool & Spa. We will help you save time and money on quality water care chemicals. Mastercraft carries top brands like BioGuard®, HASA, SeaKlear® and commercial chlorine to keep your pool and spa water pristine. As always, water testing is free to loyal customers! Bring in your water sample for expert advice on all your water care needs. Or, contact our service department to solve your problem. We’d love to help you clear up any water quality issues, so that you can get back to enjoying your pool the way it’s meant to be.


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