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How You Know You’re Getting a High-Quality Hot Tub

high-quality hot tub


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Do you think you have to pay a high price to get a high-quality hot tub? While nicer hot tubs with more features do cost more, you can still get a high-quality hot tub within your budget. Our experts at Mastercraft Pool and Spa know there are a few things to look for when you are shopping that are a tell-tell sign of the quality of the spa you are purchasing. You simply need to find a balance of price, features, and size.

The size of a high-quality hot tub should be balanced with features and price.

There are plenty of reasons you may want to purchase a larger hot tub for your home. You may have a large family you want to fit into at the same time. Or maybe you want to have friends over for parties. Perhaps you just want the room to move around and do things like yoga in your hot tub. Whatever the reason is, you can expect to pay more for a larger hot tub than a smaller one.

This makes sense logistically. It requires more materials to build a larger spa than it does a small one. It will also take stronger pumps to run it. If you find a hot tub that is very large with a lot of features for a low price, it is likely NOT a high-quality hot tub

The number of features a high-quality hot tub has should balance with the size and price.

If, when you begin shopping, you are focused more on the features you can get with your hot tub, it should also balance out. You can have waterfalls, jets, LED lights, and the works on a reasonably priced hot tub. You just need to be prepared to have a smaller one. 

More features cost more money. Again it makes sense logistically, but if you find a large hot tub with all the bells and whistles at a low, low price, they’ve had to cut corners somewhere. The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” will ring all too true in these cases. 

The price of a high-quality hot tub should balance with the size and features.

You get it now. You can’t expect to have a gigantic hot tub with all the bells and whistles at a rock-bottom price. If you find one (likely in a big box store), know that they have cut corners on materials, electrical, and plumbing to make the hot tub that price. 

You don’t want to think you have scored the ultimate deal to be disappointed a year down the road. Imagine getting your “deal” home only to realize there isn’t enough power to really utilize all the jets. Consider that you have to turn certain features off to use a different one. Worst yet, it breaks down not long after you buy it. 

Use your newfound knowledge and come check out all of our high-quality hot tubs in the store. Our Mastercraft employees are ready to help guide you to the best choice for you, finding the perfect balance you need.


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