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How to Properly Winterize My Swimming Pool

properly winterize my pool


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It’s that time of year. We have a bit of difficult news. You need to start thinking about winterizing your pool. We know, we know, you don’t want to. But this is Idaho, and pools can’t stay open all year. Don’t worry; we can help you properly winterize your pool so it will be ready to enjoy next season.

It’s Time for Fall Cleaning

When it comes to your pool, you have fall cleaning as well as spring cleaning. You have to make sure your pool is 100% clean before you close it for the winter. So, start by gathering and putting away all of your pool accessories. Slides, ropes, ladders … everything. Detach them from your pool, let them dry, then store them for the winter. Once the temperature has been below 65 degrees for a week or so, you can move onto the next steps to actually clean your pool.

You’ll want to clean your pool just like you do on a regular basis. Skim out any debris, run your pool vacuum — the whole nine yards. Just make sure you get it a little extra clean this time. That speck of dirt you would normally put off until next week? Well, next week is a few months away, so go ahead and do it now.

Balance That Water

Yep, you heard us right. You’re about to close your pool for the winter, but you still need to balance that water. Again, just like every week, test your pool water and add the chemicals it needs to balance. You’re not going to drain all of the water out of your pool, so it needs to be balanced.

Once it’s balanced, you’ll want to add pool shock and algaecide. These chemicals will help kill off anything extra left in your pool so it’s truly ready for the winter.

Drain Some Water

Thankfully, you don’t have to drain your entire pool for the winter. Could you imagine how long that would take, and how much water would be wasted? Instead, you just need to drain your pool so the water level is below the skimmer. This will keep water from getting in and freezing pool components during the cold months.

Disconnect and Remove Everything

Before you finish closing your pool, you’ll want to disconnect and remove everything. This includes pool lines, filters, the pump, the heater — literally everything. Disconnect what can be disconnected, remove it from your pool, let everything dry, and add plugs where necessary. Store everything you removed somewhere safe, like where you stored your accessories. You’ll need them next year, but you don’t want them to stay in your pool all winter. 

Once you’re done, you’re ready to put the cover on your pool and call it good for the winter.

Call in the Reinforcements

We know it’s quite a process to properly winterize a swimming pool. If you don’t want to take on this challenge yourself, contact Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Our technicians will be happy to properly winterize your pool for you, and can help you reopen it in the spring, too.


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