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How to Protect Your Plug-N-Play Hot Tub in Winter

A couple sits together in their cozy plug-n-play hot tub that's set up on the snow-covered porch of a log home.


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Once you’ve gotten your plug-n-play hot tub installed for the upcoming winter season here in Pocatello, Idaho–or if you’re considering getting a plug-n-play hot tub (may we suggest a fantastic model from Fantasy® Spas?)–you might be wondering how you can best protect it. And that’s a good question, especially with our winters. 

Don’t let the thought intimidate you. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your plug-n-play hot tub is thoroughly protected all winter long, so you can enjoy a glorious winter soak while the snowflakes gently float around you. 

Keep Your Top On

One great way to ensure that your plug-n-play hot tub from Fantasy Spas is well-protected during the harsh Idaho winter is to keep it covered when it’s not in use. Keeping your own top on is also valuable in the Idaho winter, but that’s not relevant information for this particular blog. 

There are a couple of considerations for covering your hot tub during the winter. For one thing, plug-n-play hot tubs can take a little longer to heat up than their 220V counterparts, especially in the colder temperatures. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just an extra consideration. 

Keeping your hot tub covered can save you time when you’re ready to take a soak by conserving some of that valuable heat energy. So, you definitely want to keep your top on. 

Speaking of keeping it covered, some really amazing cover options can afford you functionality and beauty. Covana hot tub covers are automatic covers that can go from offering your hot tub full covered protection to a functional and attractive gazebo with one little key turn. And that’s a great choice for your plug-n-play hot tub. 

A cover over your hot tub, while you’re enjoying a soak, is a great idea so that the snowflakes don’t lower your water temperature. Covana just makes that reality all the easier, so it’s an excellent option for your plug-n-play hot tub model. 

Keep Your Plug-N-Play Hot Tub Plugged in and Playing 

Another consideration to protect your plug-n-play hot tub is the potential for freezing water. You will want to keep your hot tub plugged in and the heater on to maintain a minimum temperature. That way you’ll avoid any chance of your hot tub freezing when it’s not in use. 

That’s generally true of any hot tub but especially for our plug-n-play hot tub models. Fantasy Spas make some amazing hot tubs, and you’ll be able to use yours all winter long as long as you make sure you leave the temperature at an optimal level. 

Keep Her Clean and Tuned

You also want to ensure that your plug-n-play hot tub is optimally functioning especially during the winter months. When the temperatures are down is when an equipment failure could be catastrophic. If your pump stops circulating water through the heater or through the piping, you’re going to have trouble. 

Our recommendations are to prioritize your maintenance, especially going into the winter months. Keep your water and your equipment cleaned and maintained so that they operate optimally. If you notice anything strange like weird noises or temperature fluctuations without explanation, check into them sooner rather than later. 

Just taking a little time to pay attention to your Fantasy Spa will ensure that you keep it protected and functional through our Idaho winters and that you get to enjoy your hot tub all year round. 

Shut Her Down

And, if you’re planning to leave for long periods of time, or you’re genuinely worried about your hot tub making it through the winter, shut her down. Our Mastercraft Pool & Spa team can help you properly winterize your pool, spa, or swim spa, so you can be confident that you’re protecting your investment. 

Hire the Experts

If you’re looking to install the perfect plug-n-play hot tub or just want help taking care of the one you have, Mastercraft Pool & Spa has the expert team you need. Contact our team today to bring home the perfect plug-n-play model for you. 


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