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How to Send Summer Off with a Splash

Send Summer Off with a Splash


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No one likes to think about it, but summer is coming to an end soon. After an odd summer last year, it’s especially hard to say goodbye to this one. So, instead, let’s think of it more as, “See ya later!” and throw a nice party for summer. Here’s how to send summer off with a splash.

Have One Last Hoorah

It’s not summer if you don’t have some sort of fun in the sun. So, before summer comes to a close, you need to have one last hoorah. Invite some friends, family, and/or the neighbors over for a “send off summer” pool party. Break out the barbeque, put on some sunscreen, and jump right in. 

When you have pool parties, usually you’re just hanging in or around the pool. But, for this momentous occasion, a little more celebration is in order. Truly send summer off with a splash by having a cannonball contest and play some pool games. If you’re feeling really adventurous, see who can make the biggest splash, and even work in teams. Send summer off however you feel is best.

Have Some One-On-One Time

Having a pool party to end the summer is great, but you also want to spend a little time in your pool on your own, right? Whether it’s just your immediate family or you by yourself, you can send summer off with a splash by having some relaxing time in your pool. Get some uninterrupted laps in before you have to wait until next year or use an indoor public pool. Maybe have a contest with yourself to see how big of a splash you can make. Or, if smaller splashes are more your style, just dip your toes in. How you celebrate is just between you and summer.

Prepare for Summer’s Return

What better way to send summer off with a splash than to plan for its next return? While the other seasons are great, there is just something extra special about summer. 

To prepare for summer’s return, first you’ll need to find something to do in the meantime while you’re (im)patiently waiting. If you just can’t bear the thought of not getting in the water for 9 months, look into getting a hot tub or swim spa. Both hot tubs and swim spas are heated, so you can enjoy them all year round. That way you can send summer off with a splash, while also welcoming fall in with a splash.

And if you really just can’t wait for next summer to come around, plan your pool opening for next year. Sure, it may seem a little early to some, but we won’t judge. And if you don’t have a swimming pool yet, start planning for one. Summer will be just a little happier leaving knowing that there is a surprise on the horizon.

Whatever your perfect way to send summer off with a splash is, Mastercraft Pool & Spa is here to help. Just give us a call or stop on by to get started.


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