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Is a Marquis Swim Spa the Right Fit for Me?

Marquis Swim Spa


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Your backyard is just missing a little … something. But what could it be? You want something that you can use to relax, but you really need something that is useful for many things. So, you started looking into Marquis® swim spas. And, even after all your research, you’re still wondering, “Is a Marquis swim spa the right fit for me?” Let’s see if we can help you make that decision.

What is the Size of Your Backyard?

When you’re looking to add something to your backyard, the most important thing to look at is size. Will this item fit in your backyard? If you’re looking to get a traditional pool, the answer can sometimes be no. A hot tub can fit in pretty much every backyard, but so can a swim spa. A swim spa is a fraction of the size of a pool, but is still a lot of fun. So, if your backyard is too small for a pool, a swim spa may be the right fit for you. 

What Are Your Goals for Your Backyard?

Maybe more important than the size of your backyard are the reasons you want to fill it. What are your goals for your backyard? If you’re buying a swing set, your goals may be to get something fun for your kids and to get them outside more. But if you’re looking at a swim spa, what are your reasons? Do you want to exercise more? Do you want to relax more? Or maybe you want a new place for family time or ladies’ night?

Whatever your goals, it’s likely a swim spa will have them covered. If you like swimming laps, a swim spa can accommodate that without being as large as a pool. Plus, you get extra resistance from the jets, which is great for all forms of low-impact exercise. 

If you’re looking to relax, a swim spa can give you the same benefits as a hot tub. The hot water and jets will help relax your muscles and mind, and will help you get ready to sleep better. And if you want a place to gather, a swim spa is big enough for that, too. 

Plus, don’t forget about size. If your backyard goals include having more than one thing to do, a swim spa has multiple functions. Plus, it’s small enough that you may still have room in your backyard for other activities, like that swing set. Relaxing in your swim spa while your children wear themselves out on the swing set is true backyard goals.

Where Can You Buy a Swim Spa?

Hopefully we’ve been able to help you answer the question “Is a Marquis swim spa the right fit for me?” by reflecting on the size of your backyard and your goals. Whether you’ve decided it is the right fit for you or you need more help making the decision, head on over to Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Our team can help you pick out the perfect Marquis swim spa for your backyard and your goals.


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