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Is it Time to Drain and Fill My Hot Tub?

drain and fill my hot tub


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“It’s hard to keep up with when I need to drain and fill my hot tub on top of everything else!” If you find yourself saying this, Mastercraft Pool and Spa is here to help you with a few tips on how to know when it is time. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can keep to a schedule or look out for problems to know when it might be time. If all else fails, we can come and service your hot tub for you!

3 Ways to Drain and Fill My Hot Tub

1 – Keep to a drain and fill schedule. 

It’s good to have a steady routine for your hot tub maintenance. We recommend that you check your water chemistry each week and drain and fill your hot tub every three to four months to make sure you stay on top of things. Keeping to this schedule prevents many issues from arising. You’ll also want to throw in washing your filter once a month as well. You can make this as simple or intricate as you like. 

If keeping up with a schedule seems like too much for you, Mastercraft Pool and Spa can help! Check out our many service options. Whether it’s just making sure that the chemicals you need to maintain your hot tub are there when you need them or having our experts add you to their weekly maintenance schedule, we can make hot tub maintenance a breeze.

2 – Drain and fill if the water is foamy.

Is your hot tub staying extra foamy? You can try adding chemicals to control it, but if that doesn’t work, then it is likely time to drain and fill your hot tub! When problems arise that can’t be easily fixed with chemicals, it is almost always easiest to start fresh. So if that foam just won’t settle down, then go ahead and drain things out. 

3 – Smell the water to see if it’s time for a drain and fill.

You can also smell your water. If you have to sniff for things actively, you are likely okay, but if there is a strong odor that just isn’t going away, it’s time to drain and fill your hot tub. You can, of course, try wiping off the cover and shell as well as balancing the water. Sometimes this will take care of any mildew that might cause an odor, but if things persist, go ahead and start over. 

If you still aren’t quite sure what is going on with your hot tub, we are just a phone call away. Our experts will come to your home and help you determine what the problem is. We will help you rebalance water chemistry, deliver supplies, or even help you clean things up. Never stress again over how to handle an issue with your hot tub. 

Remember, if you are asking, “Is it time to drain and fill my hot tub?” you can follow up with these two steps. It will never hurt to start from scratch, and if you just aren’t sure, Mastercraft Pool and Spa are here to help. 


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