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Pool Equipment


For over 50 years, Pentair has been delivering smart, sustainable water solutions. Featuring award-winning innovations in pool heaters and heat pumps, Pentair leads the revolution in energy-efficient offerings for your pool. Expertly crafted pool cleaners provide effortless maintenance. Add endless movement, light, sound and other sensory effects to your backyard pool experience. Our wide selection of flowing waterfalls, deck jets, and illuminated bowls offer pleasing aesthetics to enhance your entire pool project.


As an industry leader in pool and spa pumps, Pentair designs smart and innovative pool and spa pumps that have earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® designation by being at least 30%-72% more energy-efficient than others in the industry. Choose from a vast selection of above-ground, in-ground, booster, single-speed, variable-speed, and water feature pumps.


Pentair’s award-winning innovations in pool heaters and heat pumps are leading a new revolution in energy efficiency, user convenience and emissions reduction. With Pentair, you’ll find an incredible selection of gas heaters, high-efficiency heaters, and heat pumps for your pool.

Water Features

Add endless movement, light, sound and other sensory effects to your backyard pool experience. Pentair’s wide selection of flowing water features, waterfalls, deck jets, illuminated bowls and bubblers transform your pool into a spectacular retreat.


Shine a light on your pool’s stunning features. Pentair adds brilliant life to pools and landscapes with dynamic, energy-efficient automated LED lighting systems and incandescent lighting products. From IntelliBrite® 5G Color LED Pool Lights to fountain lights and fixtures, you’ll discover all of your lighting solutions with products from Pentair.


Pentair offers a vast selection of pool and spa filters that come in a wide range of designs to keep pools sparkling, clean, and healthy. Mastercraft’s Pentair products include diatomaceous earth (D.E.), cartridge and sand filter products, as well as pool filter kits.


Pentair’s expertly crafted line of pool cleaners provide the most efficient use of the water that flows through them to allow for the optimal pool cleaner performance. Automatic pool cleaners include suction-side, pressure-side and robotic models to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your pool experience.


Every pool needs the right types of products to ensure it’s performing and looking its best. That’s why Pentair offers a full range of manual cleaning tools, water test kits, leaf traps, hand skimmers, spare pool parts and more for everyday maintenance and repair.

White Goods

Trust Pentair’s selection of hydraulic management white good products such as skimmers, drains, fittings, valves and measurement devices to maintain a pristine pool and spa.

Above-Ground Systems

Above-ground pool owners can enjoy the same high performance, outstanding efficiency and long-term reliability as in-ground pool owners with Pentair’s impressive offering of above-ground pool products and operating systems.


With the push of a button, you’ll see that pool ownership convenience has never been easier. Pentair’s automation systems empower pool owners with full control of their pool ecosystem from pool pumps, heating products, sanitizing, water chemistry, water features and lighting – with convenient mobile device control from anywhere in the world.

Water Treatment

Pentair’s collection of automatic sanitizing and water chemistry management systems, ozonators and chemical feeders keep the water in your pool and spa sparkling, clean, and safe.


Pentair’s pool and spa valves are engineered to control the direction of water to and from the pool and in and out of equipment for ease of flow.


For more than 85 years, S.R.SmithTM has had a singular focus: Create products that make the pool experience better for both swimmers and owners. It comes as no surprise that S.R.SmithTM is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and residential pool deck equipment. From gleaming handrails, exciting slides, family fun games, and exquisite in-pool furniture, you will find all of your pool needs in the S.R.Smith line of products at Mastercraft Pool & Spa.

Diving Boards

There’s nothing like the thrill of jumping off a diving board! That’s why S.R.SmithTM has been making swimming pool diving boards for over 80 years. With a selection of designer models, colors, sizes, and tread, there’s a perfect diving board for your pool.

In-Pool Games

With aquatic basketball hoops, volleyball nets and more, you’ll have serious pool fun for all ages. S.R.Smith’sTM in-pool games come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to offer you the perfect solutions for your pool.

Pool Ladders and Rails

S.R.Smith’sTM pool ladders and pool handrails make your swimming pool unique. Choose from a wide range of traditional, modern and custom styles to enhance your pool’s beauty. Designer inspired rails and ladders provide an elegant custom look for any pool environment.

Lifeguard Chairs

S.R.SmithTM offers a wide range of lifeguard stands and lifeguard chairs to ensure everyone’s safety in the pool. Designed to complement any aquatic environment, our lifeguard chairs provide an elegant look that will stand the test of time.

Swimming Pool Slides

Bring fun and excitement to your residential or commercial pool with S.R.Smith’sTM range of swimming pool slides. Mastercraft Pool & Spa offers a full line of slides including the Cyclone, Typhoon, Vortex, Rogue2, heliX2, TurboTwister and a line of landscape slides for your backyard pool. With a slide from S.R.SmithTM, you’ll have endless amounts of splashing fun for kids of all ages!

In-Pool Furniture

Bring your vacation home. The Destination Series by S.R.SmithTM is a complete line of in-pool furniture that is setting a new standard for residential style and elegance. Choose from swimming pool tables and seating options designed to create spaces for conversation and relaxation. Made in the USA using advanced manufacturing technology, Destination Series products offer elegant design and ultra-strong construction. You’ll find your own private relaxation retreat.

Commercial In-Pool Furniture

S.R.Smith’sTM commercial in-pool furniture is an ideal way to add luxury seating to any Hospitality or Commercial Recreation Pool. Our furniture is designed and manufactured to be durable yet lightweight, making it easy to setup and move around as desired. Because of the ease of portability, staff can create flexible and unique seating arrangements in the water for patrons in limitless ways.

Starting Blocks and Platforms

Designed for fast, solid starts, each S.R.SmithTM starting block and starting platform is custom engineered and produced to the precise facility specifications to fit competition pool rules and regulations. Custom color treads and team logos available on sand tread footboard models.

SwimWall SystemsTM

S.R.SmithTM SwimWall SystemsTM Pool Dividers provide unprecedented swimming pool flexibility, and thus more revenue opportunities. This system effectively doubles the number of lanes or offers the flexibility to have some swim lanes 50 meters in length and others 25 meters.

Lane Line Accessories

Protect your investment and prolong the life of your lane lines with S.R.Smith’sTM lane line accessories.

Water Features

S.R.Smith’sTM water features are a great compliment for existing pools, a unique add-on for new pool construction, or can be installed as a stand-alone, play-in water feature. Add versatility to your residential or commercial pool space with this unique option.

Thermal Pool Covers

Insulated commercial swimming pool covers help you and your business save money, conserve heat and use less energy, reduce chemical loss, and reduce water evaporation. Each product is custom-tailored to your unique specifications. Perfect for municipalities, universities, schools, corporations, hotels, clubs, spas, resorts, homeowner associations, and apartment complexes, Mastercraft can help you find the perfect thermal solution for your pool.

Aqua Creek ADA Handicap Lifts

At Mastercraft, we believe that people of all ages and abilities should be able to enjoy the recreational and therapeutic benefits of aquatic activities. Our Aqua Creek ADA handicap lifts offer multiple lift solutions for a variety of needs.

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