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Prepping your Hot Tub for the Cold Season

Hot tub for the sold season


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Ah, winter is coming. You’ve gotten everything ready for the cold season except your hot tub. So, what should you do? You’ve got a couple of options since it is indeed a HOT tub, so we’ll let you know what to do when prepping your hot tub for the cold season. And nobody does “cold season” like Idaho.

You basically have two options: keep it going or close it down. 

Keep It Going 

There’s a lot to be said for a hot tub in the winter. In the cooler months joint pain can flair and muscles experience fatigue, not to mention it’s just so cold. Nothing feels quite like melting into the perfectly warm, soothing water of your hot tub. Turn on the massaging jets, and feel your aches and stresses leave your body. Even during colder winters like here in Idaho, you can use your hot tub whenever you like. 

If you choose to keep your hot tub going for the cold season, we do have some good practice recommendations. Firstly, make sure that you maintain your water levels and temperature settings. When you invest in a Marquis® hot tub, you’ll have some beneficial features to ensure that your hot tub will be just fine through the colder weather. 

The Marquis line of hot tubs have some built-in protections for colder weather like Icynene® spray foam insulation which is available on some models. This insulation helps your hot tub to be a little more energy efficient. It also protects some key components of your system from the frigid air. The control pack is another feature that makes sure your water temperature stays at a reasonable point. Add to these a great cover like the DuraCover® energy cover, and your winter hot tub care should be business as usual. 

Close It Down

Now, there are several reasons you might decide to close it down. If you’re leaving town or there is some truly inclement weather in the forecast, you might consider closing and winterizing your spa. No matter the brand of hot tub you have, it’s best to first consult your Mastercraft Pool & Spa experts. We can schedule a professional closing so you can best protect your investment. Then you should consult your owner’s manual to find the information you most need. These two resources are going to be the most valuable for closing down and winterizing your hot tub for the cold season.

The basic run down will include making sure that all the water is removed from the spa, the water lines, and all of the equipment, and that the unit is cleaned. And it’s good practice to turn off all electricity to your hot tub when it’s shut down for the season. Ensure your cover is in place and secure. Make sure you keep an eye on your hot tub throughout the winter season even if it’s been professionally winterized. You should make sure it isn’t covered in snow or damaged by any storms. 

Whatever decision you make, make sure that you have our experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa help you with the fine details and make sure you have the best hot tub for your needs. We have an excellent selection, so stop by or call to talk with one of our team members, today. 


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