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Should I Add Chemical Automation?


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As a pool owner, you’re well familiar with the ins and outs of water maintenance. Chlorine, salt water, pH, calcium, bromine… In reality, it feels like you’re halfway to a chemistry degree with all of your water care knowledge. But even though you remember the proper ranges for your chemicals, it’s sometimes harder to remember to add them. With a chemical automation system, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of the last time you balanced your pH, or who will check the chlorine balance in your pool when you’re out of town.

What is chemical automation?

Chemical automation is a system of technology designed to monitor and balance your pool’s water. It automatically adds just the right amount of chemicals at the right time. Easy to install, it’s the most convenient and accurate way to maintain your water care. Our IntelliChem® automated unit helps to continually disinfect your pool water and balance your pH — providing you with an exceptional swim experience each and every time. Automation is wonderful for both residential and commercial pool applications and is compatible with both liquid chlorine and saltwater systems.

Should I add chemical automation?

You may think of chemical automation as a modern convenience, but when you take a look around, how many things can you find that are simply to make a task easier? The remote control for your TV, the numerous apps on your smartphone, even the electric toothbrush in your bathroom all serve to make everyday tasks easier. 

Having your chemicals consistently monitored and balanced will give you peace of mind, taking one more thing off your to-do list. Go on that long trip, and don’t worry about your pool once. You can even connect your chemical automation to a full automation system for your entire pool. Monitor your lights, heater, pump, and water features remotely from your smart device. Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, you can rest assured that every detail, from water sanitation to ambiance, will be absolutely perfect.

Is it safe?  

You want your water to be safe at all times. Not having enough, or even having too much of a chemical can create an unhealthy environment for your water. However, that’s precisely what you can use an automation system to prevent. Properly balanced water means clean, safe water. Adding this technology to your personal or commercial swimming pool is a great way to keep your aquatic oasis in pristine condition with minimal effort. Your IntelliChem system is not only safe, it’s effective — adding precise chemical measurements to your water. Cut down on chemical expense with an automation system.

How can I add automation to my pool?

Are you ready to upgrade your swimming pool with your perfect automation option? Chemical automation for your pool is easy to add, and we can help! Contact Mastercraft Pool & Spa today to learn more about how this unique technology can transform the maintenance of your backyard paradise or commercial swimming pool. Don’t forget to ask us about our chemical delivery service. It’s  just another way owning a pool or hot tub from Mastercraft is the BEST decision you’ve ever made!


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