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Spice Up Date Night With a Sundance Spa this Fall

Hot tub date night


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After the past couple of years, it’s kind of hard to come up with fun new ideas for date night. You’ve exhausted your at-home options, but going out still hasn’t gotten 100% back to normal either. So what should you do? Do you just give up? Not so fast. This fall, you can spice up date night with a Sundance® Spa.

Find Some Quality Time

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find time to spend with your significant other, just the two of you. There’s always some sort of distraction, whether it’s other people, electronics, or just the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s even harder to find quality time with your partner. But, when you spice up date night with a Sundance Spa, you get the best of both worlds.

Out of all the activities you can plan for date night, a spa night does not take too much time. First, if you have a spa in your backyard, you don’t have to plan to go anywhere, but you’re still getting out of your home. 

Spa sessions should also only last about 15-20 minutes. Out of your entire day, 15-20 minutes isn’t that much, but it makes a world of difference in your relationship. Plus, you’ll get to experience all of the benefits a hot tub offers—with your significant other.

Bring On the Benefits

Hot tubs provide a number of benefits for both individuals and couples. As an individual, you experience the physical benefits of muscle relaxation; preparing your body for a better night’s sleep; improved circulation; and more.

But, as a couple, you’ll also experience benefits. Hot tubs are a phone-free zone (you can still listen to music, just leave your phone outside the hot tub). Phone-free date nights can be rare, but they offer a great opportunity to fully focus on quality time with your special person. 

Just 15-20 minutes of dedicated one-on-one time may not seem like a lot, but it might be more than you typically have. Plus, when you own a hot tub, this quality time doesn’t have to be as sporadic as your previous date night schedule. All you have to do is walk out to the backyard and enjoy.

Spice Up Date Night This Fall

We know fall in Idaho can get chilly. Cold weather doesn’t always make for a great date night, but warm water does. This fall, spice up date night and kick back and relax with your significant other. The great part about owning a hot tub is that, with proper maintenance, you can keep your hot tub open year round. Start your hot tub date night tradition this fall, and continue through the rest of the seasons.

If you need help finding the perfect Sundance Spa and/or maintaining your hot tub, stop by Mastercraft Pool & Spa. We will be happy to help you choose an amazing hot tub and maintain it throughout its life.


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