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Study stress? A hot tub can help!


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Ah, the school year. A time full of promise, hope, fun with friends, and, of course, a lot of study stress. Whether it’s memorizing important dates in history or re-working that math problem for the third time, there’s no question that when school is in session, so is stress. So how do you help your student get through another year of late night cranium cramming? A hot tub!

Slumber Away Study Stress 

Did you know that students between the ages of 6 and 12 who get less than 9 hours of sleep are considered not getting enough? Even teenagers who sleep for less than 8 hours are not getting the sleep they need to tackle a busy schedule. But, studies show that regularly soaking in your hot tub will help you fall asleep faster and feel more rested. Better sleep means stronger brains! And, an added bonus? Good sleep can boost your immune system! 

Be gone, anxiety!

Study anxiety can stand in the way of a great student’s success. But, you can give your student the confidence they need before a big exam by letting them soak awhile in your hot tub. Anxiety and depression can become huge obstacles in self-confidence. So, a spa session is just what the teacher ordered.

Focus like a Laser

Sometimes, you simply need a break from concentrating; to walk away and come back clear headed, and look at things in a new light. If your student is stuck and starting to feel frustrated, suggest they take a break in your hot tub. Once they feel relaxed, they’re more likely to come back to the problem with an ace in their pocket: laser focus. Surprise your student with an A+ hot tub, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Contact our spa professionals at Mastercraft Pool & Spa and we’ll help you create a stunning space for relaxation and entertainment today! Your honor roll student will be your pride and joy.


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