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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Pool Maintenance Tips


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There’s nothing like spending a sunny day in your very own backyard pool! Unless, of course, you’re behind on maintenance, that is. When you can’t enjoy a dip because the water looks a little questionable, that always puts a damper on your summer fun. The good news is, there’s no reason to be intimidated by pool maintenance. It’s pretty simple. Just follow these tips. And, remember, we’re always here to offer advice! 

Keep to a Regular Schedule

If you keep to a schedule and regularly clean and maintain your pool, it doesn’t take much time each week. You’ll quickly head off anything that could become an issue. Plus, staying on top of things means you spend less time cleaning your pool and more time swimming! Not sure where to start? Here are the basics:

  • Skim your pool often; daily is best. This will keep leaves and debris from settling at the bottom of your pool where they’re harder to clean. Just skim the water with a leaf net and empty the skimmer baskets. Pro tip: It sounds odd, but toss a couple of tennis balls into your skimmer. They’ll absorb some of the oils that sunscreen, makeup, and other substances leave behind.
  • A couple times a week, sweep off your deck and pool area. This means fewer leaves will end up in the pool for you to skim. 
  • Vacuum a few times a week, or as needed.
  • Brush your pool twice a week.
  • Circulation is key. Run your pump and filter for at least 6 hours a day (the longer the better).
  • Backwash when your normal filter pressure goes up by 10 psi.
  • Test your pool chemistry a couple of times each week, more often if you’ve had more people in the pool than normal.

Choose Wisely When it Comes to Water Chemicals

We probably seem biased, seeing that we carry pool chemicals. But no joke, the chemicals you find at the Big Box Store or online are not even close to the same quality that your friendly, local pool dealer carries. If the chemicals have been sitting on the shelf or in a warehouse, they are not going to be fresh. They are also packed with fillers and additives. And they are almost certainly weaker. So you would have to treat your pool more often and use more chemicals if you choose to purchase sub-par pool maintenance resolutions. You will end up paying more in the long run. Treat your pool right, and save yourself some hassle, by choosing the highest-quality chemicals from a brand you can trust. Your pool will be clean, clear, sparkling and ready to use whenever you want to dive in.

Pool care should be easy — and it is with a little help from Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Save time and money on quality water care chemicals for your pool. Mastercraft carries top brands like BioGuard®, HASA, SeaKlear® and commercial chlorine to keep your pool water pristine. As always, water testing is free! Bring in your water sample for expert advice on all your water care needs. With our exclusive ALEX® software, we will recommend the right time-saving solutions and best remedies for any water challenge you might have.

Do you have other questions about taking care of your pool this summer? We’re here to help! Or, if you’d like to pass off some of your pool maintenance to us, or if you need service, click here to fill out a service form. With Mastercraft on your team, your pool will be your favorite retreat, day or night.


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