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Step into the exhilarating V174S swim spa by Marquis®, your personal aquatic gym. The V174S stretches an impressive 14.5 feet in length and stands 56 inches high. Engage in a full-body workout with 27 jet pods engineered for maximum power and performance. The V174S is equipped with dynamic Whitewater-4™ swim jets, offering adjustable resistance for swimming, jogging, or just floating in place. Whether you turn it up to six jets for intense training or scale back for a relaxing swim, this swim spa adapts to your fitness needs every day. Experience the joy of swimming with the space and power only the V174S can offer—perfect for vigorous exercise and soothing relaxation.

Product Specifications:

audio system: Bluetooth, two surface speakers
fountains: 12-point w/LED lights
cover lifts: 2 Cover Companions
rowing system: Resistance & Rowing Kit
exterior steps: Barnwood or Chestnut
connectivity: Wi-Fi module

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