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Teaching Your Kids to Swim with a Swim Spa


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Did you know it can take a year for toddlers ages 1.5 to 3 years old to learn how to swim? And about 6 months for kids older than 3 to learn proper water safety? By teaching our kids how to swim, we can help reduce the number of swimming-related accidents across the board, on top of opening the door to a lifetime of fun!

While They’re Young

The earlier you teach water safety the better, but you can actually help prevent fears from developing that could hinder your child later on by introducing the pool early. A swim spa provides the perfect controlled environment for parents who are teaching a young swimmer how to navigate the water. There’s no age limit and it’s easy to use both indoors and outside.

Getting Stronger

Kids are constantly growing and developing and a swim spa can grow with them. As they get more confident in the water, you can increase the speed. Not only could being a strong swimmer save their life one day, they won’t ever have to sit out on a fun day at the lake or beach for lack of skill. 

Keep It Versatile 

It’s hard enough to keep a routine for the family’s activities, and adding a swim class to the mix can be super inconvenient. A swim spa is always available, day or night, rain or shine. It’s perfect for an afternoon of active fun, away from screens and separate rooms. Get the whole family involved in the teaching process and start making aquatic memories to last a lifetime.
Are you ready to dive into the art of teaching? Let Mastercraft bring you the swim spa of your dreams and introduce the whole family to the awesome sport of swimming. Contact us today with any questions, and let us provide a unique and exciting experience everyone in the family will enjoy.


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