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The Pool Alternative for Small Backyards: Swim Spa

swim spa


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Remember when you were a kid, and you dreamed of having a pool in your backyard? Or maybe you did have one and you want to give your family the same experiences you had growing up, but your own backyard is a little — tight. Don’t fret, a small backyard does NOT mean you can’t swim in it! You can have all you ever wanted with a swim spa from Mastercraft!

Deck it Out

Installing your swim spa in or on your existing deck is a great way to save space in a small backyard. You can set up a few pieces of patio furniture, along with some potted plants and create a truly unique outdoor recreational space everyone will love. Add some party lights around your decking too for a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy in the evenings. 

Balcony Bliss

Don’t have a backyard? Don’t rule out a swim spa just yet! Place the more compact models indoors or in other tight spaces, like a home gym or home spa. Not only will you have a place to relax, but you’ll save space inside your home by eliminating bulky home gym equipment. You will need to double check the power requirements of your spa and also come up with a plan for how you will drain and refill your swim spa if you install it indoors, but we can often find great solutions to these situations.

Other Great Backyard Ideas

If you don’t have or want a deck for your backyard, you can simply install your swim spa on a sturdy concrete pad in the spot you feel it fits best.

Additionally, you can dress up the surrounding area with:

  • A rock garden
  • Some big river stones, with glow in the dark paint 
  • Solar lights 
  • Sand
  • Landscaping Mulch 
  • Potted Plants
  • Fairy Gardens

Are you ready to create the backyard of your dreams? Let the spa professionals at Mastercraft build you the perfect backyard get-away to fit both your lifestyle and your space. Contact us today to get started!


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