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The Ultimate Guide For Caring For A Swimming Pool 

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Swimming pool care can be an overwhelming topic to think about, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, arm yourself with a little knowledge, and then a couple of years into pool ownership, you’ll have a good idea about what to do for your pool in most situations. So, let’s take some time to talk about the different aspects of caring for a swimming pool and break down what you need to know. Here’s the ultimate guide for caring for a swimming pool.

Opening Your Pool In Idaho

A large, beautiful swimming pool sits in the backyard of a beautiful home.
Open your swimming pool properly at the beginning of the season for easier pool care.

When it comes to the pool care discussion, let’s start with how important opening your pool is, particularly here in Idaho. With our long, cold winters, there are a lot of months between when you close your pool, and when you actually see that cool blue water again. And that’s the hope, that the water is still clear(ish). 

You’ll definitely want to prioritize opening your pool well because that will set the tone for the rest of your swimming season. Hopefully, you’ll have your pool covered (a topic we’ll discuss later), so removing that will be step one in opening your pool.

Once you’ve done that, get everything moving again. Start your pump and filter, so that your water circulates. Then you can start testing what chemicals are still present from the previous season. You can easily do that with an at-home kit. Or, for added accuracy and some guidance, you can bring your sample to our Mastercraft Pool & Spa friends. 

And from there, you’ll know what chemicals to add. Starting off the season on the right foot is one of the most important parts of caring for a swimming pool. If your pool chemicals are properly balanced from day one, then it will be exponentially easier to maintain those levels as the swim season progresses and the weather heats up. It’s that heat that can contribute to algae growth. But, if you’ve opened your pool well, and you continue the maintenance, the heat and algae really become non-issues. 

Preventative Pool Care Is The Way To Go

A man skims a leaf out of the blue waters of a swimming pool.
Skimming your swimming pool can help your pool stay clean and clear.

Speaking of maintenance, one of the best and most effective approaches to a really clean and clear pool is preventative pool care. By preventative pool care, we just mean keeping up with the things you need to do regularly in order to keep problems from developing in the first place. 

Things like checking your water’s chemical levels regularly and keeping your chemicals balanced is a great way to maintain that pristine water everyone is hoping for. Stocking up on chemicals you know you’ll need at the beginning of the season is another wise idea for keeping your pool clean and operative. If you’ve already got the chemicals you need on hand, it’s way easier to maintain a balanced chemical level in your pool, and caring for your swimming pool becomes easier and easier. 

Other aspects of preventative maintenance for your pool include monitoring your equipment like your pump and filter regularly. Just simply knowing how your equipment should sound and work means that you would be more able to recognize a problem when it happens. Then you can call in the appropriate professionals to help you before your small problem turns into a larger one. 

And finally, when it comes to preventative pool maintenance, skimming and brushing are your best friends. Regular skimming of debris out of your pool and brushing the sides ensures that your chemicals and your equipment are better able to do their job. Remember to empty those skimmer baskets too. With preventative maintenance to your pool and the proper supplies, you’ll be far ahead when it comes to caring for your swimming pool. 

Close Your Pool Properly

The handle bars to a swimming pool ladder stick out of thick snow.
Proper pool winterization is part of caring for your swimming pool.

And when the summer swimming season is finally over, there’s one extremely important aspect of pool care for our Idaho residents. That’s proper pool winterization. Since Idaho often has temperatures that dip well below freezing, proper winterization is absolutely non-negotiable. Those freezing temperatures can spell disaster for any pipes or equipment that have water left in them. The water will freeze and cause damage to your setup, which will be expensive to fix. So, for Idaho pool care 101, winterization is necessary. 

Like every other part of pool ownership, you can learn to winterize your own pool confidently. You may need some guidance at first, so we do recommend doing your research and tapping into our knowledgeable team at Mastercraft. But winterization is something you can do.

In its simplest form, winterization means that you clean your pool really well, balance its chemicals, and remove any water from everything that’s not the actual pool itself. You also want to properly store your accessories and equipment, so that it’s in good working order for the next season. And lastly, cover your pool. There’s definitely a learning curve for winterizing your own pool, but it’s not insurmountable. 

Reach Out To The Experts

A swimming pool professional wearing a whit polo skims the swimming pool.
Hire the professionals to care for your swimming pool when you need to.

And finally, in your ultimate guide for caring for a swimming pool, you need to find and build a relationship with a pool service company you trust like Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Sometimes caring for your swimming pool is overwhelming or you do develop an issue that requires professional help. That’s where having a great pool and spa service company is invaluable. 

Some things you want to look for in your pool service company include certifications and licensure that ensure they’re well trained to handle your pool investment. Not all service companies are created equal, so be intentional and be picky. It’s also important to think about whether the company you choose is locally owned or a large chain store. There is often a marked difference in customer service and knowledge base, so choose wisely. 

Our team at Mastercraft Pool & Spa is fully equipped to build, maintain, and repair or remodel your pool to the highest standard. So, if you’re just not that interested in maintaining your pool yourself or if you just don’t have the time, you can absolutely reach out to our well-trained professionals and trust that your pool is in skilled, competent professional hands. For all your pool care news including pool opening and winterization, give our Mastercraft team a call. 


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