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Understanding the Science Behind the Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

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It is well-known that using a hot tub can provide the user with numerous health benefits, but how? Spa water isn’t magical – although some may describe it that way – it’s actually science that is to thank.

Hot Tub Benefits and How They Work

If you’ve ever wondered how a hot tub provides all of the benefits you use it for, read on. The science involved will give you a better understanding of what a hot tub can do for your body and mental state. 

Relieving Muscle Tension and Joint Pain

In a professional setting – such as sports players – hot tubs are commonly used to relieve muscle and joint pain; this is also true of residential users. By using a spa regularly, or after a long day’s work, you can effectively reduce pain caused by overworking. 

How Does it Work?

When exposed to warm temperatures, your blood vessels will begin to dilate, effectively increasing blood flow. Your body does this to help heat escape in an effort to keep your core temperature from becoming too hot. 

In turn, increased blood flow helps loosen muscles that are tight which can help alleviate some of that pain. Being in a low-impact environment such as a hot tub also helps your muscles and joints relax because you are not putting as much strain on them when in the water. 

Improving Sleep

Another common reason individuals will use a hot tub regularly is to improve their sleep. Many feel that having that time to relax and clear their mind is what causes their improved sleep, but is it that simple?

How Does it Work?

Yes, having the time to relax and unwind in any setting can lead to better sleep. It gives you time to clear your mind and focus on yourself for possibly the first time that day. However, using a spa to relax provides an additional feature that is known for improving sleep quality.

Throughout the day, your body will change temperature naturally based on your circadian rhythm – which is a natural 24-hour cycle that your body follows. These temperature changes can indicate certain phenomena such as starting your day and going to bed. When you use a spa in the evening, you are increasing your body temperature at the right time to indicate to your body that sleep is coming soon. The process of cooling down after taking a soak is also an important part of the process, so give yourself some time before bed after you are done using your hot tub to cool off.  

Promoting Cardiovascular Health

Many people may not realize that using a hot tub regularly can increase your cardiovascular health – relax and help your heart at the same time! 

How Does it Work?

The science behind increased heart health with a spa is similar to the science behind how it helps relieve muscle tension and joint pain. When you use a hot tub at a warm temperature, your blood vessels will widen, allowing more blood to flow through your body. 

An increase in blood flow means more blood flowing through your heart. Allowing your heart to work harder in a low-pressure setting can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases. This phenomenon can also help to lower your blood pressure in the same way. 

Use Mastercraft Pool and Spa for All of Your Hot Tub Needs

If the health benefits of using a hot tub have you motivated to improve your well-being, reach out to Mastercraft Pool and Spa. Their experts will be able to listen to your hot tub needs and recommend the ideal hot tub for you. With a wide range of available hot tubs to choose from, they are sure to have exactly what you need. Contact them here or visit their Pocatello, ID location with any questions or purchase needs.    


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