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Ward Off Winter Colds with a Hot Tub!


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Sneezing, sniffling, coughing, and wheezing. No, we’re not naming off the dwarves from a Snow White sequel, we’re talking about the common cold. Unfortunately, mankind hasn’t come up with a cure, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself. What if we told you all you had to do is take a few moments each day to soak in a spa? It’s true, you can ward off winter colds with a hot tub this cold and flu season! 

The heat from the steam helps stop the cold virus from reproducing and boosts your white blood cell count, giving your immune system a fighting chance against germs and viruses. And, if you do fall sick, a hot tub is the perfect place to alleviate those cold and flu symptoms. 

Saturday Night Fever

There’s a reason your body runs a fever when you’re ill. It means your immune system is doing its job—killing those foreign invaders! By sitting in your hot tub, you can give your fever a little turbo power to attack the cold virus. It can even help if you’re not running a fever, by warming your internal body’s temperature to act as a fever would. For the best results, soak in 15 to 20 minute intervals about every three hours, allowing a cool-down in between sessions. 

Less Sheep, More Sleep

So, you’ve been to the doctor and got the universal prescription for fighting a cold: Rest. But how can you sleep while battling a cold? By soaking in your hot tub, of course! A spa session naturally relaxes the mind and body to promote better sleep, which means counting less sheep and catching more ZZZ’s. The more rest you’re able to get, the better you’ll feel.

Shivers, and Aches and Pains, Oh My!

Whether you’re running a fever or not, winter colds often come with muscle aches and whole body tension. Immerse yourself in the heated healing waters of your hot tub, turn on those premium hydrotherapy jets, and relax for instant, natural pain relief. A rejuvenating 20 minutes in your hot tub stimulates circulation, which quickly alleviates soreness and stiffness. 

Bye Bye Congestion 

One of the worst cold symptoms is undoubtedly congestion that prohibits easy breathing and promotes an awful cough that simply won’t stop. The Old Wives’ Tale usually requires you to hold your head above a pot of boiling water to relieve chest congestion. But, in today’s modern world, you can soak in your hot tub instead. The steam from your heated spa works wonders in opening nasal passages. Plus, clearing chest congestion allows you to instantly breathe easier and rest better.

Take control of your health and ward off winter colds with a hot tub! Mastercraft has the perfect spa option to bring you a host of health benefits all year long. We’ll create a stunning addition to your backyard that brings your vision of paradise to life. Contact us today and find the hot tub that meets all your relaxation and recreation needs!


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