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Water Care and Maintenance Tips for New Pool Owners

A pool’s water is pristine thanks to our water care and maintenance tips for new pool owners.


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So you finally dove into the oh-so-cool waters of pool ownership. Congratulations! You are going to LOVE pool life. With proper care and maintenance, your pool will bring you many many years of sunshiny bliss. You know the pool care basics you need to keep your pool sparkling and swimmable all summer. Now let us give you some insider water care and maintenance tips for new pool owners from the pool professionals at Mastercraft Pool & Spa.

A gloved hand holds a beaker of pool water for chemical testing and water care.

Keep Your Water Tested

Maintaining a body of water is an ongoing activity. If you’ve ever owned a fish tank, you know how often it needs your attention to remain pristine. Your pool needs regular attention in the same way.

Test your water throughout the week so you know what chemicals and treatments it needs to remain balanced. If you use your pool daily during the summer, test it daily. New pool owners in Pocatello love to take advantage of our free pool water testing at Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Our pool experts can help you understand exactly what your pool needs at any given time.

Small Regular Maintenance Prevents Big Maintenance

Keeping a regular water care and maintenance routine prevents water issues in your pool before they can form. For example, clear your pool debris daily and run your pump a minimum of 8 hours a day. Brush your pool twice a week and vacuum it throughout the week and as needed. When new pool owners make a habit of water maintenance activities like these, the pool is always ready for a pool party.

Get Your Pool Chemicals Delivered

Now you can find the professional-grade pool chemicals you need in our online store. In addition to this, Mastercraft Pool & Spa can deliver the chemicals you need for a dewy, clear pool right to your door in and around Pocatello. Even more, make it even easier on yourself and consider adding chemical automation to your pool. Chemical automation systems can check and balance your pool water for you.

A tennis ball floats in pool water for a surprising hack.

Toss Tennis Balls in Your Skimmer for a Surprise New Pool Owner Hack

This pool hack feels like winning at life. Did you know sunscreen, skin oil, swimmer sweat, and even makeup can leave oil in your pool water? However, there is an easy fix with a common sporting good. All you have to do is plop a couple tennis balls in your pool’s skimmer. Then, the felty tennis balls will soak up the oils from your pool water. This is a tip your friends need to hear!

Let Us Do Your New Pool Owner Duties

Last of all, no tip we can offer will make things easier than this. Let Mastercraft Pool & Spa help with your pool water service needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pool service options. We can also inspect pools for new homeowners. 

Mastercraft Pool & Spa is elated to be your source for water maintenance and pool supplies in Pocatello. Give us a call or stop by our store for more water care and maintenance tips for new pool owners from our team of experts. We are your resource and support for the exciting new adventure of pool ownership. 


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