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What Are My Options for Buying a Hot Tub?


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When hot tubs are mentioned, typical visions of warm, bubbly water probably come to your mind. However, there is so much more to these heavenly additions to your residence. From brand and model choices to spectacular features including full-body jet massages, LED lighting, seat arrangements, and sizes, there are plenty of things to think about when it comes to hot tubs. With that being said, you may be wondering “What are my options for buying a hot tub?” 

Important Things to Consider when Buying a Hot Tub

Purpose, space, and cost are three good areas to consider when thinking about a hot tub purchase. Obviously, the bigger the space your backyard or home has to offer, the bigger your hot tub can be. And, if you’re an avid entertainer and your budget allows for it, why not get a luxurious spa for seven with all the bells and whistles? Of course, if you’d just like that perfect and private relaxing hot tub for two, it’s available as well. 

Mastercraft Pool & Spa offers several exceptional brands of hot tubs including Sundance® Spas, Marquis® hot tubs, and Fantasy Spas®. Each of these brands have a multitude of models to choose from. They have fantastic features that are sure to help create your desired retreat. These brands also offer compact, Plug ‘N Play models for smaller areas such as balconies.

Hot Tub Brand and Model Options

Sundance Spas is a leader in the industry. They offer an array of outstanding models such as the 680™ Series Peyton® hot tub and the 980™ Series Kingston™ hot tub. The Peyton model provides a whole-body experience with wrist jets to the foot dome. This spa has enough space for six adults in several types of seating including a lounge seat. The Kingston model is spa luxury from the outside to inside, beginning with its stunning cabinetry. This spa has interior and exterior LED lighting, SunCooler™ cold storage areas, Patented Fluidix® Jets, wide seating for six adults as well as a lounge deck, and so much more.

Another brand favorite, Marquis hot tubs, has wonderful spas to meet your relaxation needs. The Marquis Crown Collection models include Regal Hydrokinetic™ therapy jets and offer spectacular options like Jewel™ Lighting, MicroSilk® spa treatments, and the ControlMySpa® wireless system. The Rendezvous Discovery model from the Marquis Signature Series has a triangle shape just right for limited spaces and delivers soothing massages for two.

The Fantasy Spas Aspire® model is another two-way lounger suitable for small spaces and can be brought through standard doorways. There’s also the Drift® which is compact, but offers a comfortable, relaxing experience with 17 jets, cascading waterfall, and multi-color LED lighting.

As you can see, there are plenty of hot tub choices to meet your needs for a superb spa experience. But, don’t keep wondering “What are my options for buying a hot tub?” Call Mastercraft Pool & Spa to schedule a test soak and enjoy today’s best hot tubs.


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